A Hop Step And A Jump - Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year!

Featured Jan 01, 2017

As told by

Rtr. Judith Shenali Welikala,

If there was a year that passed in a blink of an eye, there is no doubt that it was 2016. That was a year which was like a roller coaster ride filled with both ups and downs. Yet again here comes a brand new year with promising signs. But what awaits in 2017, nobody knows! A total mystery yet to be revealed.

Life is like a triple jump where you have to plan your next step to make your life a winning success. Therefore let’s chick start a brand new year with a hop, step and a jump carrying with us, all the lessons learnt and the experiences we had in the past. Let bygones be bygones and strive hard to achieve new hopes and aspirations with a new spirit.

If everything went wrong last year, let’s take this chance to set everything right. If your life was dim with sorrow let’s make it bright with joy. If you had no aim in life, it’s high time to set your goals to become a better version of yourself. Therefore buckle up with excitement to meet all your future endeavours with victory and triumph.

We Rotaractors have always been serving selflessly for the society, working hard for the betterment of the others. The pile of successfully completed projects make it apparent that we are indeed capable of making a positive impact on the society. Therefore let’s carry this proud legacy forward, to help others growing in numbers and in good vibes, to bring light to the lives of others and to make them shine. Let’s continue to share this genuine fellowship in the years to come.

May this New Year equip you with good luck, courage and good fortune to make your life story successful! Have a fabulous New Year!


Devni de Silva

Travelling while enjoying the beauty of the nature is her passion. She is a music lover as well as an animal lover. She loves helping people in need and would always enjoy being with her family and f

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