A miracle witnessed through love - Colours 2 - Hand in Hand '18

Community Service May 30, 2018

As written by Rtr. Madeesha Ranathunga,

Colours 2, the second painting session which is a part of Vesak phase of Hand in Hand was conducted focusing on the children in CCC house Maharagama. I was really delighted to see many Rotaractors gathering there enthusiastically to encourage those little buds.

“Art therapy uses the making of art and a child’s response to art to improve her physical, mental and emotional well-being. Art therapy may help lower stress, pain and fear. It may improve communication and social interactions.”
– National Cancer Institute of U.S.-

Colours is truly admirable as it has identified what is really needed for creating a good mentality to those innocent fighters.

The children were provided materials and equipment and they were asked to draw under the theme of Vesak . They were surrounded by many kind-hearted Rotaractors who had a overriding goal of adding another glowing memory to their little minds. The best part of this event was having a chitter-chatter with those cuties while helping them to complete their paintings. Usually hundreds of events are organised in a year for these kids in CCC house by many kind-hearted human beings.

But what these innocent souls really want are love and attention which are not the target of most of those events. But we were fortunate enough to understand their hearts and focus our event in spreading the warmth of brotherhood and love of friendship with these isolated hearts. I am glad that I could be a part of this in which we could meet their need of love and spend hours and hours in their company. They were so excited to share their dreams, feelings and opinions with us and I really understood that all they had wanted was human ears to pour out everything they had kept hiding inside them.

Also I must mention of their hidden creativity which was unleashed through amazing pieces of artwork. By printing Vesak cards with those arts, we hope to encourage and rebuild their broken self esteems.

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