A Snowy Blowy Christmas

Featured Dec 25, 2018

As written by Rtr. Jayami Alwis,

             We hear the prayers, the songs and the whispers – Joyful tunes and cheerful voices

               Christmas trees and big stars on top – Gifts and sweet talks spreading the word…

Every 25th of December, the birthday of Jesus Christ celebrated with zeal and zest across the world, brings joy to all as it gives the message of peace, love and forgiving. It is the season to enjoy and share love for the birth of Holy Child of God, who helped people to fight against ignorance, greed, hatred and superstition to lead a pure and spiritual life.

It is one of the favourite seasons of children and adults to engage in all the meritorious work and spread peace. Giving and caring for those in need, praying and worshipping for the wellbeing of each other, the seasonal vacation has given us a major opportunity to be with our friends, relations and even those who are strangers to us. Sharing Christmas cards, gifts and cooking meals together to have feasts bring people together and tighten their bonds realising the real meaning of Christmas. For some, this holiday is a time to escape from their stressful work and make it a valuable occasion to pray and find peace within their souls to embrace the light in their lives, experiencing the true value of the season. For those who love carols, it is a time to sing in choirs, and the Churches will be filled with a lot of religious souls. It is indeed how people show their gratitude for Jesus who sacrificed himself to build peace and harmony.

Romans 12:10  

“In love of the brethren be tenderly affectioned one to another; in honor preferring one another;”                                   

For us, Christmas also means contemplating another passing year and making the New Year revolutionary by building and strengthening good relations and expressing hope for the new future. As we count our blessings for Christmas, finding the real joy comes not just in gifts, parties, decorations and trying to make it perfect. The real joy of Christmas lies in helping each other, giving some love to those in need and being the hope for the homeless, who are alone and in pain and sick, including animals. It will mend their broken hearts and give them life. It will help them have some faith in themselves to rise up again. By coming together to find a homeless family a new shelter, giving food to those in need and providing them with whatever the things you have and respecting them can mean a lot to them, and for them you will be the real life Santa. In return you will be able to make Christmas a way to impact people’s lives in beautiful ways.

So, we, as members of Rotaract Mora, expect everyone to enjoy the true beauty and  the marvel of this Christmas by trying to help those living souls who are in need, and to realize and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in a meaningful manner. Our heartiest wishes for you to celebrate the gladness of Christmas which is hope, the spirit of Christmas which is peace and the heart of Christmas which is love.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!                 


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