A Wish Upon a Star – “Intellect” Phase 3

Community Service Nov 30, 2016

The organizing committee of “Grama Prabodhaya” kept the 3rd step of “Intellect – 2016” by conducting the 3rd phase successfully on the 12th and 13th of November with another Mathematics seminar for the students who are about to sit for the GCE Ordinary Level Examination this December.

Paul Halmos has once said, “The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics.”

Hence, the seminar was conducted to let the students work on the questions on their own. Our Rotaractors could have just given away some questions and stayed behind so that the students could work on those. Yet, the kind hearts of the Rotaractors did not hesitate to travel almost 255 km and support those kids to learn and understand Mathematics, which has been a challenging subject in their academic life.

As in the previous two sessions, the students were eager to learn from our Rotaractors. According to them, they have been feeling more comfortable with working with us rather than learning from a teacher. The best thing we saw that could energize our minds was, their level of Mathematics knowledge has been increasing since we started our project for them. With this energy, we could forget our fatigue we had from travelling so far and conducted the session freely and productively.

As it is said, “Leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders,” this time, the organizing committee decided to let a few of the newbies of RotaractMora to conduct the seminar with our support, so that they could have their own experience in such activity which will lead them to be leaders in the future. Just as we hoped, they did a great job even on their first day of this project and made RotaractMora proud once again.

Amidst the generous hospitality of the villagers, we spent two days with them and left the village after concluding the phase 3 of “Intellect – 2016” successfully.

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Sajeewa Jayarathne

Dancing is her passion. She loves to help others, specially kids. Cat lover. She is very friendly and always greats others with her beautiful smile. Talks too much. Extremely a chatterbox.

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