Abomination Loophole (A/L)

Blogged Bliss Aug 27, 2021

As the hopeless kid stepped into the exam hall one last time
Gripped by the fear of a lifetime
As the thoughts of the future entered her mind
That this exam would get to define
Years of struggle and hard work
Now left by the dirt
No one cares about her passion
Or ever showed any compassion
Engineering or medical was the only choice worth having
The others were just not good enough from bragging
Society would choose her dreams and ambitions
Not her heart which craved for art
And hoped to become a musician
Not her desire to write something with humor
And picture herself as a pretty good author
The last twelve years of her life had boiled down to this
While all other memories were given a miss
Friendships forged over the last decade
And the sisterhood that had evolved from being just mere classmates
Broken in seconds in the race for first
As marks were what everyone was after
But in a few years it wouldn't even matter
It is time for us to re-educate
And help society to resonate
For what truly important is
And never your principal's perception
And come together to re-invent and innovate
A system so broken
And not let a single marksheet leave a kid so heartbroken
And scarred for life
For a world full of imperfections
Our happiness is our only salvation..!



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