An Enchanting Encounter

Blogged Bliss Oct 30, 2023

The colors blended in an eerily extraordinary summation. I could almost taste the colors I’d never seen before writhing and churning in the depths of those honeyed pools. It was mesmerizing and I felt lightheaded as if about to be swallowed by those viciously crystalline storm clouds.

"That’s enough for today, Luce." A voice whispered from the darkness. I strained my neck to see who had spoken, heart pounding in my chest. It was Haw, my delightful friend always ready to leech any goodness out of life. "Enlighten your eyes fool. There is no beauty here, only darkness"

"I am reveling in the beauty of the gentleman who’s complementing Dante Sonata." I responded, my voice trembling with a dreamy undertone that seemed otherworldly.

Haw’s laughter was cold and mocking. "Your eyes are forever blind to the real world, Lucian"

As he dragged me towards the exit of the dimly lit pub, I yanked my hand off his grip, mind still foggy from the last gulp of that cheap brandy. “Hold it, Haw! Where in the bloody hell are you taking me?”

“Bloody hells,” Haw hissed. “Seems like a nice place for you to spend eternity.” Haw was adamant on illustriously describing my rotten life till my ears bled.

But then, an unexpected voice, velvety and sinister, pierced through the darkness. “Agree. In that case, allow me to escort the gentleman there myself.”

I blinked in confusion and gawked at the familiar gray eyes I was drowning into not mere minutes ago. It was the pianist from the pub and something in his eyes sent shivers down my spine.

“All right”. Haw was glad to get rid of me. “Take him to 75 Willow Brook Road please. See you tomorrow, Lucian, hopefully in good shape.”

“This way sir, let me help you to the cab.” The sweet voice dripped from his mouth like honey entrancing all of my senses. His touch was ice cold which was a stark contrast to his warm exterior. “Whatever,” I muttered. The cab smelled of leather, coffee, and something else. Something almost metallic. “Sir, we have arrived at the destination.” The driver responded jolting me awake.

I stumbled out of the cab, the world spinning around me. The front door stood open, an ominous invitation. Inside, I heard footsteps and the sound of water running in the bathroom. Panic surged through me. Was I being robbed?

The faucet was turned off and someone was threading towards my bedroom. I sat straight on my bed. Next, the doorknob was rattling, and the door was open wide. A lean figure crowded my doorframe in the dim light. It was my own reflection- but twisted and malevolent, grinning with malice.

I heard screams, bloodthirsty, guttural screams coming out of me. My throat burned, and my vision blurred. The room seemed to close in on me, and all I could see in the vanity mirror was the pianist, this time holding a violin.

Then everything went black.



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