An Escape from Darkness

Featured Dec 05, 2018

As written by Rtr. Jayami Alwis for the project “I am Human too – Phase 1” organized by Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa

This report is woven around a wife who requested divorce from his husband in Southern Region. A very pretty young girl who studied in a leading school in Southern area found her marriage partner through a matrimonial advertisement which was published in a newspaper. The culprit was also an educated person who was working in a government organization. Both his parents were teachers and was also from a reputed family in that particular area. The girl who was the only child was the apple of the eye in her family. The kind hearted parents promised to handover their deeds, a two storied house and a land for their child as her dowry.

As the girl who is the victim is calm and quiet in the nature and wasn’t very much exposed to the contemporary society, she did not have a chance to move with boys. The innocent girl and her parents could not realize the cunning attempts made by the culprit and family and agreed to marry the person who came with their parents for the proposal. Unaware of the pathetic situation she was about to face in the future, she entered her marriage life.

The couple got married in 2016 in a five star hotel amidst their relations and friends. The dark chapter started on the very first day of their honeymoon. The girl had ended up in a nursing home due to the cruel sexual damage done by her own groom as she had to face a lot of both unbearable physical and mental pain since her first night. She had been astonished when she saw the video of her first night after a few weeks. After a few days the lady figured out that her husband is addicted to watch pornography and he had wanted to experience things in real life as well. Time passed by and the girl decided not to utter a word about her unhappy life to her loving parents and pretended that she lead a happy family life.

Few months later after their marriage, parents of the girl were extremely happy as they were conveyed the happy news of the pregnancy of their only daughter. One day the husband suggested to spend a day in a hotel where the girl had to face a lot of unbearable sexual harassment which any wife wouldn’t have expected. The husband had tried to insert unnecessary equipment inside her body, without considering about his wife’s screaming for help. It was told at the court by the victim that she had to bear up all the harassments and she wanted to give birth to her baby without any damage. After the birth of the child, she finally decided to speak up for herself and came out with the true story to her parents and she demanded a divorce. Finally she got her divorce and now she is spending her young life as a single mother with her parents.

These types of incidents occur in the society because of the misuse of Internet by people and having no control among oneself. Hence these people should be rehabilitated for the sake of the ladies. My opinion is that there should also be some consulting services in society for ladies to share their unhappy experiences and matters regarding domestic violence. Women should be motivated to speak for themselves and face their problems without hiding in the dark. As our country has a cultural background nobody tends to speak about these in public. Therefore the government as well should ensure the upliftment of female characters who are the majority of this country and control domestic violence for the betterment of the society. My recommendation towards the government is to implement new laws suits for the prevailing issues. To sum up it is everyone’s responsibility to become a voice for women.


Hiranya Panawenna

Enjoys reading, listening to music and watching movies. Friendly and loves to make new friends. Always ready to help people in need.

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