Are you ready to celebrate? - World Rotaract Week 2019

Featured Mar 17, 2019

As written by Rtr. Ruwini Gamarachchi

Work is not always making money. It’s justifying yourself and doing what your heart says. Rotaract is a community that operates under this motive of following what your heart is saying for the betterment of the society you belong to.

Every year, Rotaractors and Rotarians all over the world celebrate World Rotaract Day on 13th March along with World Rotaract Week during the same week. The day has been named so in order to commemorate the founding of the first Rotaract Club, Rotaract Club of the University of North Carolina, in 1968. However, this year it’s a historic milestone since the fraternity of Rotaract turned 50 this 13th of March.

This week is all about honouring the success and appreciating the effort taken by the Rotaractors. It’s an extremely wonderful opportunity to let the community acknowledge the great work that Rotaract Clubs around the world do towards society, and it paves the path to get yourself involved with the Rotaract community as well, even if you are new to Rotaract. Rotaractors of today are indeed the Rotarians of tomorrow! Appreciation of their efforts would inspire them to reach greater heights, take up vital roles and thrive towards making this world a better place to live.

Different Rotaract Clubs in different countries celebrate this week in different manners. Some toast this with their family of Rotaract around the world by giving them a chance to join for various projects. This will give the chance to get to know how Rotaract inspires our lives.

Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa, is ready to celebrate the true meaning of this eventful week through our novel initiatives, “Senehe Yathra” and “50 Shades of Hannibal”. “Senehe Yathra” is a meritorious project conducted with the aim of lending a hand to the mothers with financial difficulties in the area of Hambegamuwa which will be held on the 17th of March, making the true objective of the Rotaract community come to light. The project is conducted under “Grama Prabodhaya”, the signature Community Service initiative of Rotaract Mora that has won numerous awards locally and globally since its intiation. The spellbinding magic show “50 Shades of Hannibal”, which will be held on 21st March featuring Hannibal the Magic Warrior, is another exciting experience offered by Rotaract Mora to celebrate this excitement with cheer.

While inviting all of you to join us to celebrate this week, I’ll conclude with this; the highest reward of Rotaractors is not what they get for their deeds but what others become by them.

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