Bright Side of Social Distancing

Featured May 11, 2020

As written by Rtr. Rukshan Karannagoda,

While the world is still struggling with how to recuperate from the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown has given undergraduates like us a lot more time to spend than we’ve ever had before. Even though social distancing has made our lives a bit harder and a bit more complicated, it can also be turned into a cornucopia of blessings and opportunities depending on our individual situations, and these days can add a lot of meaning to our lives given that we learn to spend our limited time efficiently.

Empower yourself with knowledge and skills

Since almost all the world is confined to their domiciles, multifarious programs and courses have been popping up all over the internet and beyond. Some of these programs have been released from highly reputed universities and educational institutions and offer you a path to brush up on what you know or get certified in a range of fields that can add extra value to your CV.
Gathering new knowledge can also be coupled with acquiring a new skill that aligns with your passion. Be it learning a new instrument, going over your foreign language lessons, or learning how to use a kitchen knife, spending about 1-2 hours a day to absorb an inventive skill will expand the frontiers of what you can be competent in, in the span of a few weeks.

Stay in good shape

For some of us not being able to go out during this time might result in us being huddled up in our rooms or beds much for longer than it is healthy. So it’s crucial that about 10-20 minutes a day are spared to engage in a physical activity; anything from full-on workouts to learning how to dance, that burns down the quarantine fat and vivifies our bodies so that we can carry that energy onto rest of our quotidian tasks.

Feed your mind and soul

There might be some things you have been putting off because you’ve been inundated with work and/or lectures like reading a book that you’ve been meaning to read, scatter some seeds on a flower bed, or meditating. Taking at least 10 minutes of your time to exhale, take things in and reflect on things that enrich your soul, will help put things into perspective and strategize your next steps.

Volunteer or earn an extra buck

Just because you are required to maintain physical distance from others for a while does not mean that you’re barred out from volunteer work. Options are abundant for volunteering from home, and all you have to do is choose one. Furthermore, you can try your hand in tasks such as blogging, tutoring, e-commerce, and freelancing job opportunities and develop a method of income by utilizing a few hours of your day.

Organize everything

What encompasses all of the above choices is organizing. These are opportune days that we have before we get back to our studies or work to make plans for the near and distant future, regarding all aspects of life from financial and educational to recreational and spiritual. So make those charts that you’ve been meaning to make, set some goals, track your progress and make each and every one of these days that we spend separated from our family and colleagues count towards an effective tomorrow for all of us.


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