Children Require More Than 600 Words - Indeewari Chandrasekara

Featured Jun 23, 2017

Article which won the third place of the Write Out Loud competition organized by Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa

Category – Children

Indeewari Chandrasekara – Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa

Children are the present of a country that determines its future. No matter how they were built or to what they have been built, each and every one of them has a unique role. That is why image(1)mentoring, upbringing, reconciling and protecting children are of more importance. Children are highly creative, imaginative, independent individuals who could even be easily influenced and threatened. Therefore not only enhancing their lives but also preventing them from adversity is everyone’s responsibility.

Of course, there are chains of laws currently in place to assure this. But we must not forget that law alone could not look into each and every small matter of children daily. Even the media does not bring into light every influential on children but only ones which would turn world’s attention to their news channel unless for rare true passion. Abusing, trafficking, raping, harassing and forced child labors are common news on local and international media. Those being the reported ones, when considered all the unheard as well, it is fair to say in every corner of the world, there is a child suffering everyday despite of the background. Be it war, parental mistakes, poverty or bullying at school corridor, a child’s physical, mental and social well being are put at risk and constantly threatened.

No matter how many treaties, laws, technology, bans, aids, foster homes are being brought forward, these continue to happen swallowing children’s good future and a nation’s tomorrow. Therefore it is questionable whether the world has identified the right procedure to stop all these consequences, adversities and wrong doings when it comes to children. However, it is fair to say the process of doing so is equally tough as child mind is quick grasping and highly impacting the personality which is a catalyst to spreading adversity.

However, let me add some positivity here in as well. From my own experience, from people I have talked with and heard from, there are several ways of impacting the child for the betterment; Learning and teaching process where child’s imagination, creativity and skills are reinforced with freedom and tumblr_m4w04iOie61r41umovariation. Not every child learns the same way and that is why we could not and should not “measure a fish by its climbing ability”. Do not force or even expect every child to learn at the same pace if only one method of teaching is delivered. Because just like different paintings are done with different colors, each child is best with different and even contrasting learning abilities. But after all, every child is capable and deserving to reach the best.

Secondly, positive thinking which lies behind almost every step in life. Children should be taught that “just because it doesn’t exist here, doesn’t mean it exists nowhere”. Making them to think, ask, act and believe so gives them confidence, strength, positivity and drive to achieve what they desire no matter how hard it is. Because a child who gets disturb by constant disappointments and under-privileged could be disruptive if not mentored right. Hence why do we make these flower buds to get rid of the petals even before they bloom for causes they are not responsible for? This does not mean that parents should give every material thing a child cries for but it means reinforcing their thoughts and determination to swim across Aegean Sea even when bombs are landed in Syria, to try for the eighth time when all seven attempts have failed and deciding to close eyes in the night’s darkest hour knowing and believing that it is followed by a sun rise.



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