Where the Wonderland Resides – World Children’s Day 2017

Featured Oct 01, 2017

Children are the purest form of entities in existence on earth. A child would always speak his mind because in a child’s world there is no such thing as hate, greed or anger. Their world is a wonderland of colours with rainbows and butterflies. Seeing the world through the eyes of children gives the exact nature of anything. Children see the world for the first time in its purest form and learn by being. Their fascination towards nature and compassion towards animals proves that human beings are merely a part of earth. A child loves nature and accepts its beauty before he is taught otherwise.

A child knows love by birth and doesn’t hesitate to show and tell the world how thankful he or she is about the morning sunrise, the dew drops on grass and that tingly feeling one gets when you step on morning dew. A child from Sri Lanka to America to Syria sees the world as his future home and all its beings as one. A child wouldn’t know which caste; race or religion is better.

When children’s wonderlands are shattered by various belief systems inflicted upon them by adults and darkness seeps into their life, they seek refuge in anger and hate to overcome their darkest hours. As adults it’s our own responsibility to let children roam free and discover the world for themselves. Love and affection is the only solution to build a better future for children.

If everyone trains their mind to love the world like a child, we would realize that we all are just magnifying our problems. Afterall, the world is a wonderland.

On this Children’s Day let us love children and learn to love the world like children!


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