Christmas Ball

Community Service Dec 19, 2015

As told by Rtr. Lochana Ranathunga

christmasballWith Christmas around the corner all were looking for entertainment to forget all the worries for a few days and to feel the warmth beside the cold breeze blowing around. So it was right the time for some Basketball plus the lights of “Santa” with delightful carols, in fact it was the time for Christmas Ball.

Annual Christmas Ball event organised by the Rotaract clubs of University Of Moratuwa, College Of Chemical Sciences and Colombo Uptown was held on 19th December, 2015 at the Child and Human resource centre, bringing the lights of Christmas for all the participants.


Day began, with a basketball tournament involving teams (3*3) from Rotaract clubs and Child and human resource centre and winners were awarded valuable gifts and certificates. Later that evening, a talent show and Christmas Carols performed by the talented children of Child and Human resource centre was held. Children  were given tokens of appreciation. There were “Fun games” organized for all and winners of the games were given gifts. Most of the event organised carried the theme, Christmas. Gift were distributed by “Santa”. Whole event was quite enjoyable. Smiles were all around. Finally, it is obvious that Christmas Ball 2015 provided you with some awesome memories.




Sakila Sandeepani

Thinking that everything is very simple even though it is not. She is a dreamer and an idea generator. She has a passion in helping others and likes to hangout with friends. Always loves to talk with

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