Colours | Hand in Hand - Painting Session

Community Service Oct 20, 2015

As told by Rtr. Vinoj Jayasundara

“We all have our own stories. We have been fortunate enough to experience at least a fraction of the beauty of this world. But life is not as generous as that to some.”

This is THEIR story; The story that they drew on a piece of paper, the story which belongs to a different realm of emotions and sentiments than what we can comprehend. This story depicts their unfathomable courage in fighting the un-fightable; their strength overwhelming the excruciating pain; their joy from simply what their blossoming minds understood; their unblemished imagination which knows no bounds.

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Us; Rotaractors were deeply moved by what we saw on 20th October at the Maharagama National Cancer hospital. During the few hours we spent, from 2.00 p.m. onwards, we witnessed their pure, innocent eyes desperately probing for a glimpse of hope; a reason to live even when all the odds are against them. Those impenetrable eyes spoke to our innermost conscience, which triggered a longing to do our best to make their world a better place. From the stories they drew, we made Christmas greeting cards to be sold to raise funds in order to aid the hospital to give these children a hope; a hand they could hold on to; to be the light that will guide them out of the darkness. Simply a Hand in Hand.


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