Finding the Cure Starts with Hope – Colours 1 – Hand in Hand

Community Service Oct 02, 2017

As written by Rtr. Shenali Kariyawasam

I’ve often wondered if hearts can truly melt – but only until I caught a glimpse of a tiny fighter walking with confidence – pencil and paper in hand to colour their own lives. It was truly A Walk to Remember.
‘Colours 1’ is the painting session of the Christmas phase of ‘Hand in Hand’ – A much recognized and heart touching Community Service project of which the course of action is mainly focused on the little buds at the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama. The main objective of the project is to raise funds through selling Christmas Cards which are adorned by the paintings of the little kids themselves.abc102436
Even the smallest whisper of Cancer brings fear to the listener yet alone to be a victim, it requires
much confidence and mental stability. Deprived of the pleasures of childhood, the little buds yearn for happiness, laughter and companionship. 23rd of September 2017 dawned with the promise of escorting these little buds, hand in hand towards happiness.
Upon entering the hospital premises, one by one the little buds emerged out of the wards with their loved ones to paint their hearts out. Their selection of shades of colors reflected the enthusiastic childhood of which they are deprived of. Our Rotaractors made it their prime goal to bring a smile to these innocent faces. Surprisingly the kids interacted well with us – chatted, laughed and shared their stories while painting the masterpieces. It was an immense pleasure to see their faces lighting up when we admired the paintings. Their smiles widened when we  presented them wiabc104452th gifts and apart from all, it was evident that what they yearned for most was to have a friendly chit – chat with the new found friends.
At the end of the session, we Rotaractors could not have hoped for more, for we were able to bring out the spirit of childhood within the little buds which were hindered with fear and anxiety. Their smiles and happiness ensured us that the step we took to enlighten their future mirrored them a hope for tomorrow.

Methma Piumini, a Rotaractor who joined us with the session touchingly words her experience as follows:
poem HiHpoem 2 HiH


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