Colouring Their Dreams With A Touch Of Kindness - Dream Cricket

Community Service Feb 16, 2016

02/07/2016 : Dream Cricket Day 2016

Dream Cricket Day is an event initiated by the Rotary club of Colombo West addressing the welfare of down syndrome patients. Rotaract Mora joined hands with them for this noble course.

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Cricket has become the most gripping sport in Sri Lanka. Irrespective of age and gender, everyone loves cricket. It is same for the group of people who live a distant from society because they are differently-able.

Dream cricket day is an initiative which enables them to enjoy the essence of cricket in an interesting manner stepping away from the concept of ‘matches’.

In acceptance of an invitation from the Rotary club of Colombo West, the Rotaract club of University of Moratuwa provided a pool of volunteers for the Dream Cricket Day 2016.

The project was based on few practice activities of cricket which directly focused on enhancing the reflexes of the participants who were mostly Down syndrome patients. The series of activities aimed at improving their skills like catching, throwing, running and batting.

Sadly, intellectual and physical disabilities (for example, Down Syndrome and hearing-impairment) prevent these people from taking part in normal sports. But this was their day to shine and enjoy.  Apart from that all participants were provided with lunch and beverages which they enjoyed a lot. At the end of the programme all were awarded with valuable presents and medals. It was picturesque to watch each and every one wearing their medals. Their expressions displayed that all of them felt proud about themselves and everyone felt important at this moment.

Last but not least arrived the time for Dancing.  Without any prior invitation all participants started dancing their heads off until they were thoroughly exhausted. From that, the session came to a conclusion leaving everyone with unforgettable memories.   It was a project that provided one of those rare occasions for the differently abled people to gleam.  It was also a project that gave a lot of internal satisfaction to all those involved in it.


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