Gift a Smile 15.2

Community Service Dec 27, 2015

‘Gift a smile 15.2’ a project carried out by the Rotaractors of 2014 batch, UOM was successfully accomplished on the 27th of December at SOS childrens village. It was intended to spend few hours with 44 children from grades 1-4 and gift them a memorable day full of laughter. The programme consisted of many entertainment activities commenced in the morning in a well decorated hall. Several games were organised in the aim of improving their team spirit, discovering their hidden talents as well as providing them a marvellous occasion carrying joy to their little hearts. Except from the games, there were some singing items perfomed by the kids along with the rotaractors. They actively participated in the events organised for them and performed far more better than the elder sisters and brothers which made the rotaractors active too. The lunch was also provided for them and they all enjoyed it a lot.

The kids became very friendly the committee members. Small crews of them were gathered around the elder sisters and brothers taking photographs and having chats together. The time flyed so fast that the committee could not even imagine that they have reached the end of the programme. Finally the gifts were distributed among the kids which included toys and stationary. It was glad to see such delighted faces enjoying the event arranged specially to gift them a smile. Sad faces of both parties illustrated the dislike to leave each other at the end of the day.


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