Gifting A Smile To Heal Their Hearts - Gift A Smile 18.1

Community Service Feb 11, 2018

As written by Rtr. Hiranya Nishika..

As Mother Teresa has told, a smile is the beginning of love. Not only that, it is also the best gift we can give someone. A simple smile helps to heal a painful heart and a painful soul. The smile is a universal sign of happiness. No matter how big or small, if we smile with someone genuinely, it creates a warm feeling in each other’s minds. Having recognized the importance of this, the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa decided to “gift a smile” to the children of Dharma Chakra Child Foundation, Bandaragama, in order to brighten up their lives at least for a day.

Everyday around the world, there are so many children aiding up for help. Some parents give birth to their children and leave them alone for the rest of their lives. How can someone be so selfish to do something like that? But it is not the time to find answers for that question. It is the time to help those children. Dharma Chakra Child Foundation is a place, which is a home for many children, who are alone in this world due to various reasons. The main foundation for a child’s life is his or her parents. Without the parents, a child is like a house with a weak foundation. The project “Gift a Smile” was initiated to help those abandoned children, to give a smile to their faces and spend a day with them.

14th of January 2018 was the day that the event took place. The Rotaractors went to Dharma Chakra Child Foundation at around 9 am. Small children with smiles on their faces were all around the place. The Rotaract Club members were free to arrange the place as per their necessities. The event started with two beautiful songs which were sung by the Rotaractors. The children also joined with the Rotaractors in singing. They requested some songs which they liked to sing. It was so nice to sing with them. After that the children were provided with breakfast.

Drawing is something every small kid enjoys. Hence, the Rotaractors decided to draw with the kids. It was a very enjoyable moment because the children enjoyed it a lot. Many fun games were organized for the kids. Balloon stomp, musical chairs, water balloons passing were some of them. In the meantime the children and the club members had their lunch. After that the Rotaractors played cricket with the kids and the kids were so thrilled to play with them. The Rotaractors didn’t forget to give gifts for children. They were so delighted and happy to have gifts.

After all of these, the club members didn’t forget to have a small chat with the children. The kids told various stories about their school lives, friends, etc. The children were so contended.

Gift a smile, indeed gifted a smile to these innocent faces. The lightened up faces of the kids were the evidence for that. Rotaract Mora extends our heartfelt gratitude for all the contributors who joined hands with us in gifting smiles of joy to these little children and we at Rotaract Mora will further go forward lighting up innocent little faces with the warmth of love and care.

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