Give them Wings and Watch them Fly - Inspirer - Phase 1

Community Service Oct 31, 2017

As told by Rtr. Shenali Kariyawasam,

“A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step”

Having identified the vital role English Language plays in a budding scholar, Rotaract Mora entered upon the worthy cause of equipping the souls at Ranugalla Kanishta Vidyalaya, Monaragala, with the spirit of becoming an eloquent
English user. Thus, Inspirer, a sub project of Grama Prabodhaya was initiated as the first step towards the cause. Inspirer mainly focuses on instilling the little buds with the English language knowledge needed to face their Ordinary Level Examination with confidence and self-assurance. The dawn of 16th September 2017 raised much expectations among the students at Ranugalla Kanishta Vidyalaya. Having being deprived of quality education as a result of the rural locale, these students yearn to improve their language skills. It was evident in the manner they interacted and listened to us.

IMG_4433Having a good knowledge and familiarity of the structure of the examination paper is essential for a student. Our Rotaractors mainly focused on practicing English past papers on the first day – where we provided them an opportunity to test their own level of understanding. The answers were then discussed paying much attention to the grammar rules and areas often neglected. The students interacted well with us, cleared their doubts and were highly satisfied with the progress they made.

‘Writing is the painting of the voice’

IMG_4525Great thoughts and ideas are fostered every day. It is the art of writing that paints the voice. The second day of the session underlined Creative Writing. The students grabbed this opportunity to refine their mastery in creative writing and enthusiastically penned their thoughts on paper. They were guided and were given useful tips to improve their level of writing. They were shown the importance of owning a sound vocabulary. Their attentiveness and the thoughts they shared with us ensured that they greatly valued and treasured this worthy step we have taken to uplift them.

The students shared with us, the degree of knowledge they gained from this session, heartily thanked us and suggested to focus more on comprehension in the next lecture series. Our Rotaractors were highly satisfied with the success of the session and the shining eyes of the little buds encouraged us to conduct the upcoming sessions with much more commitment and dedication, so that one day we can watch them fly.

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