Gone Too Soon - Tribute to Rotaractor Past President Adhil Bakeer Markar

Adhil Bakeer Markar Oct 18, 2016

“Like a river meets the ocean, life will always follow death”

Life is so uncertain that you never know when you will say good bye to the ones you love. It is the irony of the human nature. It was very shocking to hear the untimely death of Adhil Bakeer Markar who had been an exemplary personality and a man with great integrity. He was a past president of the Rotaract Club of Colombo North. Rotaract is bound in the spirit of fellowship and the demise of a fellow Rotaractor who contributed immensely to Rotaract is a great loss. Adhil, an Attorney-at-Law, was a Director at the National Youth Services Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Policy Planning. He was also an Official Sri Lankan Youth Delegate to the United Nations and represented Sri Lanka at the 68th United Nations General Assembly.

According to Rtr. IPDRR Shakthi, Adhil would have been a good politician. He was simple, friendly and visionary. He said, “I met him at the Installation of Rotaract club of Pamunugama. When I first talked with him, I didn’t even know he was a politician’s son”. Rtr. Shakthi added saying that unlike any other politician’s son, Adhil was a very humble and normal person with a big vision. Rtr. Shakthi further said, “He would have been an exemplary model for the current Sri Lankan politicians. He always wanted to make a big change in the current education system and in the political arena. His opinion was that like in European countries, politicians must be well educated and professionally qualified”.

Adhil was an exemplary personality and a man with great integrity. He was a man of his word. He had been an open book who always said what he did. He had been a very good companion and has never failed to help a friend in need. He always wanted to make changes in the political arena and the current education system. Sri Lanka lost a very humble character who could have been a very promising future leader.

As to Rtr. Shakthi, Adhil had been a very active Rotaractor who contributed to Rotaract greatly especially through his relationships with United Nations. Rtr. IPADRR Tammita, one of Adhil’s closest friends added that Adhil is a person who lived Rotaract. As a president and a secretary, he did wonders through his pure dedication.

Adhil had been a very good friend to everyone he knew. Rtr. Tammita says, “I met Adhil first at Pets and Sets in 2011. He was the President Elect of RCCN and I was the Secretary for Kandy. We were roommates together with Sudam and Randinith Madanayaka. Although we didn’t meet often, we were really good friends. He was genuine and sincere. One of the best people I have met through Rotaract”. He further added saying he had a lot of good memories with him to cherish throughout his life. Whenever he attended an event of RCCN, his first question had always been “Will Adhil come?” He said, “Even this time at their installation, I was really looking around for him. But he arrived a bit late and that’s when I felt the installation was complete”.

Adhil had a wonderful personality and was a very good companion. He had always been fun around people at installations and was always just one call away. Rtr. Tammita says, “Adhil never failed to help a friend in need”.

Another reason why Adhil stands out is that he is a man of his word. He had been an open book who always said what he did. Then Rtr. Shakthi added one of his memories with Adhil proving he was one of the great personalities Sri Lanka lost. “I called him to get him to my District Committee. Everyone said no to me at first and then later said yes. But Adhil said he would be very happy to be a part of it but he had other commitments. Once he had given his word, he needed to stick to it and perform”.

Sri Lanka needs more people like Adhil. Rotaract needs more people like Adhil. There will always be an empty space left in the name of “Adhil Bakeer Markar” who was a proud Rotaractor and a proud Sri Lankan. Sri Lanka lost a golden light which could have lightened up the entire nation with his vibrant youthful personality and his dream of taking the country to greater heights. May Almighty Allah bless Adhil and make him attain the supreme eternal bliss!


Devni de Silva

Travelling while enjoying the beauty of the nature is her passion. She is a music lover as well as an animal lover. She loves helping people in need and would always enjoy being with her family and f

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