Happiness Is When The Exams Ends!

Blogged Bliss Aug 20, 2021

In my childhood, my parents always told me to pass exams, giving my maximum. Back then I didn’t like to hear that non-stop advice about exams. They tricked me into getting high marks in all subjects, promising me all the gifts I like.

Before the exam……
Mom: don’t call me ‘mom’ if you fail your exam!
Me: don’t worry, mom.

After the exam…….
Mom: How was the exam?
Me: what’s up aunty!?

Simply as time went on, and when I finished the Ordinary Level exams and came to the Advanced Level class, I felt the need of passing the exam without having my parents' scream all the time. In a country like Sri Lanka, education is an essential thing of great value. So those who pass the exams well are valued in society. My Independence Day was the day I finished my A/L exam. But for couple of years in school days, I thought that a university is a nice place with no 'big-deal' examinations. However it turns out that it's not the actual case!

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Even if I was given one whole year of study leave for an exam, I think the best day to study for the exam is the night before the exam! Spread all the books all over the table and look at them helplessly. Works like a charm! However, never have I ever failed an exam. The secret is to understand the subject thoroughly inside-out without trying to memorize everything. Exams might feel easier this way. However, exams will remain a headache for eternity without a doubt!

Not to forget, studying with friends just a week before the exam is the most unforgettable and enjoyable thing ever. It is the time we share our knowledge and tips with each other while gossiping for hours. The exam planning should not be praying.

On a final note, happiness is having the exams ended!


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