He has her eyes…

Blogged Bliss Jul 16, 2021
After all this time? Always...

This is the most admired quote which conquered my heart. As we know, every wizard has his own Patronus and it’s impossible to find an indistinguishable one. But at the end of the book, Severus produces Patronus. He has the same Patronus as Lily Potter’s which means he always cared for Lily, in spite of it being a one-sided love, always cared for Harry because Lily would have wanted it. And the fact that Snape’s Patronus is a doe means that he still truly loves her and that his fondness for her hasn’t weakened over the years. And it plays an essential part. It’s dreadful that Harry Potter finds out from Pensive when Severus Snape is already dead. He always thinks that Severus is a terrible person, but it’s not so, just the woman he loves is dead.

I think that all people can be kind and good. You just need to have a target or a PERSON for whom you want to live, to do something good, to bring happiness to people. You may not be thanked by people, but you may be thanked by yourself. A whole story around “always” tells us that love must be, love makes us do very great things. If you love, you live. And the more essential thing is that real love exists. One more thing I think about is love can’t exist without mortality. It’s more profound than I can say about it in English.

Lily and Severus ( fanpop.com - Google Images )

What I've overcome from this is that Dumbledore says these words "Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?" because Snape was horrified to listen to what Dumbledore had said i.e. that Harry Potter will have to die. We can't just point at one thing and reveal that this is the reason why Snape felt that way. There were many emotions. First, he agreed to listen to and accept whatever Dumbledore said because he desired to take care and keep Harry safe, not because he had feelings for the child but because he loved Lily his mother (Remember Dumbledore's words: If you loved her, you'll take care of the child... He has her mother's eyes...). Secondly, Snape could not imagine someone like Dumbledore saying something like this to Harry because he was the one man who loved Harry the most. And more than that, he knew all along that it would, in the end, come to this - something that Snape could not digest. And, thirdly, Snape's use of the word 'slaughter' showed that he could not give his consent to this thought; which is what Dumbledore was scared of because it was something that really needed to be done. Was it because he had some feelings for Harry? I don't actually think so (others may disagree). I think the real reason was that Snape felt "Ah! What the heck? All this was done for the sake of Harry, for what? I thought I was doing the right thing and that Lily would be happy with me seeing that her son is safe."

I do think Snape felt sorry for Harry and surely he could never think of Harry being dead - so I would call this feeling a concern not love for Harry. And actually, Harry reminded Snape less of Lily and more of James, the guy he hated (not everyone can understand this feeling, only those who have faced similar things example: ask people who have been victims of bullying. They would tell you that those memories never disappear...


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