Helping Hands

Community Service Aug 15, 2015

As told by Rtr.Vithursha

Helping Hands is a community service program which is organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa to offer continuous support for spinal cord injured people and help them to return back to their normal lives.

The first phase of the project is to choose a place where the people suffer spinal cord issues without fewer facilities. Our team identified a place (Vaikarai) in Vavuniya which is run by government with some problems. So that as the first step our team went there and gathered information about the home.

Problems which are faced by the beneficiaries in Vaikarai Health Care Centre

  • Insufficient of basic needs (Bathing products, Beds, Fans)
  • Improper sanitary facilities
  • No water supply and equipment
  • Abandoned and dejected people
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After identifying the problems our team organised first project on 15th of August 2015 to introduce our selves and get to know each and every beneficiaries in the home. They had passed very difficulties during war and got injured my physically and mentally. Some of them are dejected by their families and abandoned in that home. They shared each and every experience with us which they had. Our team was separated and we spent the time with each and every one. Normally they don’t allocate for good meals. We identified that problem. On that same day our team and the people who are working there gathered and cooked and served them. Finally we did some fun events and programs which can provide self-reliance for them.



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