Helplessly Smitten

Blogged Bliss Feb 14, 2023

When first meetings are underwhelming and the third one hits you like a jackhammer and you are wordless with their absolute beauty and how you have missed it the whole time; coupe de fudre in the skin. Then you realize that this is the beauty you have manifested into being since the day you were sixteen. Your Cinderella or Prince Charming in the flesh. The universe is playing tricks on you maybe but getting pranked has never felt sweeter.

One fateful day you texted
And said "Hi" you're not
What I thought you'd be
(I couldn't stop smiling like the
idiot, I am)
I haven't seen you before but
You had seen
Me. I thought you were
Underwhelming before
I looked and
All the doodles from my
16-year-old journals and
textbooks and daydreams
of a perfect perfect
Mirror you to
The last eyelash.
Where did you come from?
(How are you so beautiful?)
Friend, foe, frenemy or
How is it that I get impossibly
(embarrassingly, pathetically)
Shy eager klutzy
Whenever I accidentally chance
A dip into your eyes?
I don't dare voice it out
"I don't want the bird
to fly "
It's all or nothing
This is not fling material
I will wait however many centuries
You ask
Where have you been my whole




Dreamer who pens out their thoughts_ :)

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