Our attempt to create the future they desire - "Nena Aruna 2018"

Community Service Aug 14, 2018

As told by Rtr. Madeesha Ranathunge.

Sri Lanka is remaining as a developing country for decades while having an education system which is capable of uplifting the younger generation and molding them into outstanding leaders who can guide the nation towards success. It has become quite difficult to acquire the expected results of our education system, due to the disparities in the distribution of human resources. Even in urban areas, there is a gap between ordinary schools and reputed schools which is widening further. Consequently, most of the students in ordinary schools fail to achieve their best in examinations. The avenue of community services of Rotaract Mora, which always aspire the well-being of the society, initiated the project “Nena Aruna”, with the aim of improving the quality of education in such schools. This massive educational project will contain a series of sub projects, including the seminar series for grade 10 and 11 students to improve their results in Mathematics in the GCE Ordinary Level Examination. Thus, the first Mathematics seminar was held on 07th August for the students of Rathuwaththa Diyamanthi Jubilee Vidyalaya, Panadura and many Rotaractors joined with a selfless target to give them a good guidance.

” You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things” – Mother Teresa

We were able to make it beyond a seminar by guiding them individually while giving a practical intervention to the above statement. Because of obscurity and negligence, many students supposed that they are not adroit in mathematics but we were able to propound them that it is feasible. Students were interested in methods we used to teach and they enthusiastically supported us by improving their curiosity and commitment.

As the younger generation of the country who is privileged by the free education system, it is our prime duty to lighten the future of the underprivileged students. As generous Rotaractors who are dedicated for the betterment of the mother nation and selfless to devote the blooming youth energy for the well-being of the society, we took a step further to motivate these innocent souls to discover the spark of light which is hidden inside themselves. We shared our life stories and opinions with them in order to help them to develop balanced personalities to lead the future of the nation.

Concluding the day I pen down in my diary the stream of priceless emotions of happiness and satisfaction I felt by being a part of this noble effort.

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