Let Your Mind Break Free!

Blogged Bliss Feb 12, 2023

Seldom can there be an ecstasy that is superior to liberty? Of course, it is no secret that a free man who is not suppressed by any limitations would resemble being in seventh heaven. Yet, many a one in this world has not reached this state of satiety. The reason is pretty simple. They and their minds are imprisoned. Nevertheless, it is not any autocratic dictator who has imprisoned them. They have become prisoners by themselves. It is pitiful that once someone falls to this level, there is hardly a chance to break free for he or she would not witness the emancipation of the outside world. He or she would keep on enjoying the suffering considering it a case of Hobson’s choice.

Perhaps, it might seem uncanny for you to think of how a mind can be imprisoned. On a serious note, how can it happen? Well, your mind can be within a prison cell consisting of diverse bars. Some of them are cultural ones made of baseless conventional ethos. Some bars are made of blind beliefs. And some bars of unhappy relationships may confine you to eternal despair. Being dogmatic also can imprison your mind.

The million-dollar question is whether you live your life for yourself or for another person. If you are a puppet living your life for someone else, you cannot avoid living with a narrow scope of thoughts. In such a circumstance, your mind will not make independent choices for you. It will only make you a prisoner who lives a life someone else desires. Your mind is programmed by somebody else for an agenda that you might not enjoy. If your wings are clipped, you would not be able to follow your dreams.

Some people build up bars for their prisons on their own and fortify them even further. They do not follow their own passions but do something simply because someone else is doing it, not because they want it. They eventually end up leading life unhappily. If your passion is something different from your peers, that is totally acceptable. Yet, if you are not willing to be the odd one stepping out of the clan to pursue your passions, you will have to be down in the mouth.

Nonetheless, these boundaries do not exist in reality. All these limitations are solely in a twilight zone of yours. Nobody actually imprisons you unless you do not abide by the law. Yet, you might feel like you are not destined to do something you like. That is because you are not willing to open up your mind. Maybe you find immense comfort in your pain. No doubt, you would call pain a comfort as long as you do not embrace real comfort.

If you do not set your mind free, you will hardly possess any imagination or creativity. Remember, it is the creative people who revolutionized the world. If you have chained the limbs of your mind, you will be no different from a robot. Let us keep ‘The Imitation Game’ and the modern-day developments aside and assume that machines cannot think. Machines and robots can only work according to an algorithm. After all, why should humans who should be free to think also turn out to be machines or robots?

When something is perceived to be the right thing as a social norm, we should logically scrutinize if it is actually the right thing. Blindly believing it to be the right thing due to a fear of supernatural influences would only look ridiculous. In my perspective, everybody should be open-minded enough to accept something to be the right thing only if it logically seems to be the actual proper deed.

The question is how can your mind break free from the prison it dwells in? The answer to this question is pretty straightforward. It is to start living for yourself and open up your mind to your own thoughts. Henceforth, you would not have any advocacy threats. You become a free bird who can fly all you want in an enthralling azure world and claim it. Claiming a world of yours is all that you live for. Once you do it, you can look back and rejoice as you have made it. But what matters is opening up your mind. If not, you will never be able to be a free person and explore the exciting world that might yet be hidden from you.

At present, you might have certain regrets about your life. You would badly wish to change how things have happened in your life in the past. But sadly though, what has happened has happened. There is absolutely no way to change it unless the wizarding world of Harry Potter is not mere fiction. Nevertheless, you can leave the regrets behind and live the rest of your lives in the way you want. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho says, “And, when you can't go back, you have to worry only about the best way of moving forward.” Of course, time is a one-way street. You can only tread forward. Hence, you should take only the best way of moving forward.

A life of unrealized dreams is a white elephant. But the disturbing fact is that you may have invested for it with the most treasured but free asset that you can ever own. And that is time. Utilize time wisely, and most of all, utilize it for you, as time and tide wait for no man. If you have a free mind, you are free to chase your dreams and that is the key to self-complacency.

In conclusion, the choices you make in life matter vitally. Never give up on chasing your dreams, no matter what it takes. That is the only way to be on cloud nine during the latter part of your life. But you will never be able to chase your dreams if you do not opt to be an independent thinker who thinks out of the box. Seek freedom from the prisons that society and some grown-ups put you in. Let your mind break free! That will ultimately set YOU free and an almost picture-perfect life would be on offer for you!


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