Life, Is It Always Exhausting?

Blogged Bliss May 31, 2023

Recently, I’ve been thinking about life and what matters in this journey so deeply. Here are a bit of my thoughts on what I encountered through the flow of life thus far.

Life is not something that should be hard, discomforting, or exhausting. It’s a miraculous, beautiful, and simple kind of art. The more we see life and the truth of living, the more we fall in love with it.

The world is an enormous place to live, yet so enchanting. Unfortunately, most of us have trapped ourselves in a narrow frame of life. The tiny and monotonous daily routines filled with a lot of responsibilities and duties have become the whole world to us, dismissing the vast and venturous world out there which needs to be discovered.

They say hope is what keeps us alive, not the targets and the goals. Though it is true, we are practiced to set and achieve targets till the day we die, competing with one another and creating an entire battlefield within ourselves coincidentally. It is both blissful and sadistic to see the way we pursue our desires thinking we would be satisfied though it is an endless loop of longings.

Life does not always go as we plan. As we all know, it is full of surprises, surprises that are mesmerising and encouraging. It is one of my favourite ways to define challenges. It will be easier to pass hard times if they could be imagined or thought of as something delightful. It is a simple tactic to soothe the mind in a rough patch in life same as positive thinking.

As the topic has arrived at the table, positive thinking does not mean overestimating reality. It is a method of approaching the unpleasant and worst situation with a more positive and productive feeling. In a nourishing field, the tree that grows entirely depends on the seeds we planted. Identically, the algorithm of the human mind flourishes with both positivity and negativity corresponding to what we cultivate. So, stay positive, everything’s going to be fine.

Life is where genuine happiness is. Even so, happiness is relative from one person to another. In my point of view, the meaning of happiness is what we see as happiness which can be contradictory. It is ironic how some of us get uneasy and anxious about the same things which cause others joy and delight. A note to yourself; you do not have to do everything that others do. You do you and it does not always need to be something. As Winnie the Pooh once said,

“Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.”

There was a time I was desperate about the future and the decisions I ought to take for achieving what I dreamt of. Sooner I realised how terrible I was at decision-making. Then there was this intriguing piece of advice to stay calm over decision-making which simply says,

“Do not make decisions, unless you have to.”

Nevertheless, life is always exquisite when you got to love your chaos. We always love to read the stories of more and more adventures. The contributions, devotion, and faith in suppressing the pain make the story both curious and relentless to read. Such that, life is way more fascinating with countless challenges. Hence my dear readers, be happy and live your life.


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