Lotus Can Bring Happiness!

Blogged Bliss Dec 19, 2021

There is this day that always comes to my mind when it is raining. It was a day in October 2018.

I was a grade 13 student back then and it was raining heavily in the morning. I was waiting for a bus to go to the railway station. After a few minutes bus came, there were only a few passengers on the bus and everybody had a wet umbrella in their hands. I love to watch the rain because it helps to relax my mind. So, I was watching the raindrops out of the glass when I suddenly heard a woman blaming someone.

There was an old man who looked just like my grandfather with a small kid, looking 6-7 years of age, holding a very pretty bouquet of lotus flowers in his hand. The woman I heard was blaming this old man because her saree has gotten wet because of the kid’s wet umbrella. The kid was so near crying. Grandpa apologized but the blaming never ended. After a while, grandpa and the kid went to a seat. Again after a few minutes, that grandpa was arguing with the conductor. ”Please give me the remaining two rupees” I heard the grandpa say, but the conductor blamed him and went to the front seat. I felt sorry for them but I couldn’t do anything.


Minutes passed and the bus came to the stop. After getting off the bus I wanted to go to a shop to buy something to eat on the train because I skipped my breakfast. So, I went to a shop to buy something delicious. And I saw that grandpa coming out of the shop. He was counting some coins and he was sad, he was thinking about something. From what I saw, he didn't have enough money to buy a bun for his grandson, that’s why he was arguing with the conductor. I was feeling sorry for them, but what can I do, I was thinking like that. The grandpa went to the shop again and came, there was a bun in his hand. Dear, eat this bun during your interval, grandpa told the kid and put that bun into his bag. But now grandpa has no money to go back home by bus, I saw he was counting his coins. I can’t give money to him. Everyone has pride, I can’t hurt it and he was not a beggar. What I can do... that’s how I was thinking at that moment. oh god…"Today...today I have to bring flowers to the class flower vase but totally forgot it. A brilliant idea came to my mind.

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I went to that kid and asked him for flowers, “Hi little brother, I have to bring some flowers to our flower vase, but I forgot, could you please give some flowers to me, I will give you money”. He gave me three lotus flowers and shyly said: “not for money”. I had no words to describe how I feel at that moment. Money can’t buy humans... Suddenly I heard the train coming to the station. I put a fifty rupee note in his hand and ran with the lotus flowers thinking that, “I can buy something to eat at the school canteen.”

If that woman knew that they were very good people she would not have scolded them. If that conductor knew that they needed that two rupees so badly to buy food, he would have given it. Everyone has an untold story. They won't be going everywhere telling how hard their life is. As humans, we need to respect everyone and there should not be any boundary to categorize people into low class, middle class, or high class. If you want to categorize them so badly the only way near is good and bad. If you can’t find a good human, be one. Then the world will change for you and for everyone else around you.



R.D.S.Tharaka Rambukkamage

Undergraduate | Bachelor of Science (Hons) Information Technology Faculty Of IT, University Of Moratuwa

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