Mischief Managed...

Blogged Bliss Jul 23, 2021


Four little lads,

With nothing in common

And their wands in hands.

One a pure blood

With round glasses and messy black hair,

One a Muggle born

Scars, freckles and downturned eyes,

Another pure blood

Quiet and shy, but with a indecisive glint,

Lastly a heir of dark wizardry

Loud, Cheery and mischief written all over,

Despite the upbringing

The sorting hat would choose

For it sees mystery & bravery

In each of the four hearts

Courage, chivalry, and nerve

They would rise under the blazon of lion

Proud Gryffindores, would they all be

Destined for far greater things

James potter, a born leader

Sirius Black with a family he loathes

Little Peter Pettigrew tagging along

With Mysterious Muggle Remus Lupin

In the Gryffindor common room

Four of them were a sight to the eye

Young lads with no care for the world

All fun and games, pranks until one night

A night of the full moon soon dawns

Freckled lad would scamper in the dusk

To the whomping willow he goes,

What he didn't see were the three shushed shadows

Curious of the secret that left Remus sour

Every morning after the full moon,

The secret behind the howling ghost

Of the shrieking shack that scared 'em all

Full moon arrives and the three would wait

Where their friend was, a creature would lay

Howling and crawling in agony and pain

A werewolf was ripping the freckled boy's flesh

Three friends would run back to the castle

Shook were they, from the new found darkness

When the freckled Muggle return to the dorm

Three sets of eyes waited for him with adoration

They would leave him, he feared but

The heir of dark wizardry had a different plan

A mischievous glint in the eyes through black curls

To trek in the moonlight to be free in the breeze

For the sake of the unlikely friendship

The love and the newfound respect

For this little lad with the untamed creature

Lurking inside his bones and shadows

They would go through brittle page by page

To find the spells, concoctions anything that waved

For them to chant and make and try

For their friend to not be alone at nights

Meanwhile the glassed lad would make up his mind

To make them immortal in everyone's mind

The lads who did the unimaginable, unthinkable

The lads who let their inner animals thrive

Later in years Remus would memorize

Melancholy but with utmost adoration

"They became Animagi"

The creatures who would travel the moonlit nights

The paths of the dark woods and the castle grounds

The stag, The dog, The rat and The wolf

Creatures of magic, Bonded with brotherhood

Young lads with skins of wild and souls wilder

James, best seeker Hogwarts ever had seen,

Prongs a wild stag, tampering against the breeze.

Sirius, handsome rebel, proud defiant of his family

A black curly dog sniffing the wood, Padfoot.

The jumpy slow lad, Peter with a mind for plans

Wormtail the rat, scampering trough moonlit grass.

Smart and loyal Remus, the head prefect of lions

Wolf leading the pack, moony under the moon.

Whispering to the map,

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

Whatever destination the future holds for them

An unbreakable brotherhood was formed.

Unexpected love, hate, betrayals and mistakes

As time would tell

Death and spells would pull them apart


The dream of the messy haired lad on a broomstick,

The four lads who did the unimaginable,

Made their name immortal in hearts,

"The marauders" would wave their wands

No matter how they were pulled apart,

Even beyond the fine veil of life and death

They would whisper in unison

With the playful glint in their eyes

"Mischief Managed..."

By Manoela Costa (redbubble.com - Google Images)


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