My Escape – A book and a cup of coffee

Blogged Bliss Sep 24, 2021

We all have dreams we aim to pursue in our life. But still when veils like panic, despair, anxiety, uncertainty, stress, negativity, self-doubt, roadblocks, rejection, humiliation and failure blind our eyes we surrender even before we begin and fall asleep en route, ruining our hopes and dreams of what is really meant for us. We struggle day after day after day, in positions and places we despise and loathe, unable to avoid it, grumbling about how dissatisfied and miserable we are, yet concocting excuses after excuses for why we can’t take a leap into the unknown and make it happen.

Each and every day, in and out, even for a moment, we all have the vision of escaping the reality and taking the route of fantasy we wish we would be living, wishing to be where we would be able to breathe and soothe our mind and soul, laying in the soft sand, under the stars, hearing the calming breeze rustling with the soft hum of the waves, smelling the sea and looking into the horizon – how much we wish…

I have made myself a pact that I will never ever confine myself to the notion that these great, beautiful and mysterious things are only accessible with our eyes closed. I will never let myself to be limited by the folly of a dream but rather be intrigued by it. Instead, I will let myself, my mind and soul embracing all the pent-up feelings and emotions by escaping into the land of fantasy, attempting genres, topics and works. You ask me how and I say I read, because reading and dreaming can be as wild as you want them to be.

It always makes me wonder how much of a difference a book can make, but then, “Reading is dreaming with eyes open” she said. Book, a simple object yet it made me consider the impossible and forced me to imagine beyond boundaries.  Books inspire action, books inspire new idea and books inspire dreams, pushing us to a state of complete bliss, enchantment, peace and happiness. Word after word after word hold immense power to show how a vivid imagination can turn dreams into a reality, prompted by well crafted words that jump off each page.

It is a miracle that these small, flat, rigid squares of papers let you travel the length and breadth of the globe or even more, unfolding world after world after world. Worlds that sing to you, worlds that comfort and excite you. They take us to where we’ve never been – the land of our own Utopia.

I can spend an entire day (or days) snuggled in fuzzy blankets, curled up by a fire with a book, serene music and a cup of coffee, getting swept away by whatever meets my fantasy. My life is so magical and interesting inside my head. Indeed, I may be alone but never have I been lonely, maybe because...

I’ve been reading books of old legends and the myths, Achilles and his gold, Hercules with his gift…

Some books are so familiar that reading them always feel home. Together with them, I have started rebellions, went to Amsterdam, pranked everyone, escaped the maze, casted spells, controlled the sea and the wind, taken the ring to Mordor, trained a Pegasus, got a letter from Hogwarts, visited Asgard, battled dragons and evil queens, flown to Neverland. I grew up with them, have lived, loved, laughed, cried, fought and even died them.

They taught me to never stop believing in my dreams, love and let my goodness take over my wickedness, loyal friendship dominates evil, there is a hero inside everyone of us, no matter how different we are we will always be unique, destiny is great, to follow my fate and to never give up...

I was raised by both heroes and villains, have led multiple different lives, can be a master of manipulation, disarm my enemy with words. Perhaps, I may not be a witch, a runner, a divergent, a shadow-hunter, a tribute or a demi-god but I am a reader and that’s exactly the same. I live in a crazy unrealistic fantasy world. As Elena said,

That’s my life, weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all epic.


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