My Gardening Story...

Environment Nov 05, 2021
The fast-paced modern life in the city can be too much for an introvert like myself and I sometimes really need some time to retire into my shell. Fortunately, I had the perfect opportunity and now I am going to share my gardening story with you.

Well, after my A/L 's, I stayed at my uncle's house for a few days. At that time this gardening fascinated me a lot. Because my uncle does gardening with enthusiasm and he has a beautiful garden in a narrow space. When I was there every day, I noticed the beauty of his garden and the interest he showed in beautifying it. After seeing that, I was eager to start gardening in my home and started doing it.

As far as I'm concerned, I started my first Garden in my balconies with only pots of different coloured roses. Usually, I take special interest when it comes to the cultivation of roses. As I grew up, my interest in gardening also continued to grow. It gives me the biggest happiness.

Whenever I go to my uncle's home, I collect more plant saplings for my Garden. So now my garden is full of colorful flowers and moreover, I went deeper into debt each day buying seeds, plants, flowers, soil, compost, and pots. Do you know? I soon began to spend my free time in my garden, without getting bored. It makes me come alive and I just love that feeling.

I enjoy watering my Garden. It gives me enough physical exercise and sends me back to my work with renewed zest and vigor. The everyday sun shines bright on the plants and beautiful butterflies hover above the flowers. I beam with satisfaction when I cast my luxuriant garden.

My morning begins in my Garden. As I wake up, the first thing I do is to head straight to my lovely Garden. It's the best way to begin my day. And I talk to my plants every day. I believe that they can understand what I say. The sight of my lovely garden is increasingly refreshing.

Yeah!  many people pursue their free time in gardening as a hobby. This is a wonderful opportunity to refresh their minds. In my view Gardening is one of the great hobbies that helps us to strengthen our health, build up our stamina and improve the immune system. Pursuing hobbies is the best way of enjoying ourselves and at the same time doing something useful in our leisure hours.

For me, gardening is a good means of creation as it allows me to unwind, alleviate stress and spend a great leisure time.

Finally, Gardening became an integral part of my life. It uplifts my mood in a fraction of seconds, by just simply sitting in the garden and enjoying the view.

So, this is the story of my garden. I always recommend this story who need a break from the busy life...


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