No more Corona.

Community Service Nov 09, 2020


                        It feels like, 2020 strongly resembles one of Nolan’s movies. Each and every scenario of the script is unpredictable, and adventurous. The "greatest" of all, the human kind, oscillating between life and death in front of a deadly miniature. Do we survive? It’s an unresolved plot yet to be written. Until the end, what we have to do to get out of this is COOPERATE, and help others.

                         We at Rotaract Mora initiated project “No More Corona”, under the Rotaract District 3220 initiative named “Stop the Spread”. Young, capable individuals in Rotaract Mora conducted the "No More Corona" project aligned with "Grama Prabodhaya", centered in the village of Dunupothagama. Dunupothagama Vidyalaya was the place we chose to make the impact and where we portrayed our sign of humanity.

                          The day was July 8, 2020. A young passionate pack of Rotaractors started their journey to Dunupothagama to bring our project to life. We were holding stirred yet so excited for the giant task ahead of us. And facing our 1st obstacle of the day, all 12 of us had to fit into one car from Nochchiyagama to Dunupothagama. It’s almost 200km away from Colombo and we had no options. And then someone was like “machan what about the dickey?”. And we ended up putting the smallest one in the pack to the dickey and then managed to somehow fit in. Even amidst of our excited task, we never passed a second without cracking a joke.

                           After discussing with the administration of Dunupothagama Vidyalaya, we decided the basic and essential needs to be covered through this project. Like for an urban college student, schooling is never a wonderland journey for a child in Dunupothagama. Most of the students in this village mark a full stop to their school life at Ordinary Levels, due to the financial hardships of their families. And Corona just added fuel to the fire.

                             With a leading personality of our club President, Samila Imbulana, we first installed accessories to increase hygienic practice in the school premises. And also the youth personalities, enriched with diverse viewpoints, conducted a poster campaign to raise awareness of Corona. Reaching the final stage of our project we donated a first aid kit for the school. And after providing materials to one of the self-employed villagers to sew masks, we marked the end of our project.

                           Most importantly all these tasks would never have been fulfilled without the heartiest blessings and giant support of the village folks. Regardless of the financial difficulties their hospitality was prodigious. Lastly it was a one in a million experience with a bag full of happy memories.


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