Odyssey - (January - March 2021)

Odyssey Apr 30, 2021

With the end of our 3rd Quarter, it is time for some flashbacks and nostalgia! Despite the pandemic, Rotaract Mora still cruises at full sails on its 25th Journey of Service Worth Celebrating. It is indeed mesmerizing to behold the dedication and charisma displayed by our members who keep the Rotaract wheel turning against all odds and to whom we owe all our success.

During this Quarter, we were blessed enough to witness the fruits of our previous efforts with Grama Prabodhaya in particular finishing off with grand success. In spite of busy undergraduate schedules, our membership also parallelly pulled off other impactful ventures like Data Storm, SLRMUN, and Rota Spark. In the spirit of Striving Together As One, they have succeeded in proving again that though distance parts us during these unfortunate times, there is no shortage of opportunities if one possesses enough passion.

- Editorial

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