Once Upon A Dreamer

Feb 14, 2023

When a cute him and her became 'them' in that one movie, and the world thought it adorable, the thought, "Will they do the same for us?" crept into my mind. Will they approve of us now? Will there be a day they might? I should just smile with them until that day comes. Let's not wish for the impossible just now. Will you wait for me until that day because we are still separate souls who have no plans of becoming one yet? We are not ready for the whiplash that will surely, surely come.

Do you think
The world would smile
At us, like they did at them
On that screen? I doubt they
Would. Even if
By some miracle
You said yes (Which I know would happen (like never)) I doubt also that you Would be able to shoulder
All the non-smiles
(more than non-smiles)
(But what is the use of dwelling on a (hypothetical) worst-case scenario?)
That will come your (my, our) way,
Because what we (barely) have
Is fleeting enough as it is.
Are you just humouring me?
-Don't say yes and shatter my
And I hope to high heavens
That there will come
A day
When they will.
Until then I will smile
At those who will have (has
been having, had) might
One day.



Dreamer who pens out their thoughts_ :)

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