Paving the way for a healthy life - YO:GA O' Clock 2018

Special Projects Nov 11, 2018

As written by Rtr. Punsara Samarakkody

“The ultimate goal of a blessed life is physical health and mental serenity.”- Epicurus

The life of a university student is hard and tiring, filled with the academic workload as well as non-academic activities. Most of the students fail in balancing these activities which leads to an imbalance in their physical and mental health as well. This is the main reason for the most common problems, such as stress and depression, seen among more than 50% of the students. We, as Rotaractors, found out that the best solution for this problem is to introduce a healthy hobby to the students that will help them to relieve stress and uplift their physical and mental health.

YO:GA O’ Clock is an event organized by Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa, in collaboration with the Rotaract clubs of Faculty of Management and Finance and Faculty of Science of University of Colombo, in order to introduce Yoga to university students and add beauty to their mind and soul.

The session was held on 21st October 2018 at the University of Colombo grounds with the sponsorship of MAS Active Linea Intimo. More than 100 students from University of Moratuwa, as well as University of Colombo, joined YO:GA O’ Clock.

The session initiated with a yoga session conducted by Mr. Vyasah Kalyanasunderam, founder of Astanka Yoga Mandir, Sri Lanka. The basic breathing exercise which helps to calm down a person’s mind while helping to concentrate was taught during the session, and undoubtedly it was very useful for all the participants. Then, physical postures which help to increase the blood circulation of the body while improving physical health were also demonstrated. Throughout the session, the students were taught how to use yoga as a practice in their day to day lives in order to achieve their goals.

The session came to an end with an open mic session with the participation of the talented Rotaractors from the three Rotaract clubs. The event revealed their undeniable talents and strengthened the bond between the clubs.

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Hiranya Panawenna

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