Scoob’s guide to ancient and modern ghosts

Blogged Bliss Oct 16, 2021

Now we youngsters in their twenties who are leaning to their headboards or just letting the lecturer speak in the background have probably spent a good half of our childhood wondering what Scoob would be up to next, right?

(Well we all know that has everything to do with setting off traps Freddy builds to catch villains!)

It’s sad that we all had to grow up from that phase but hey let me offer you a tour back….!


The infamous ghost catcher who almost always attracts ghosts in a ten mile radius and the only duo whoever encounters the ghosts in Fred’s so-called “let’s split up“ method had to have met all of our arch-nemesis at least once right?


Apparently, scoob says it didn’t go as bad as you think it would!

Well well well the ghost that suddenly starts following you when you turn the lights off on your way upstairs? yeah, he’s been watching you….

Yeah, and you told yourself it was a myth. But it’s not. They are the silent glowing set of eyes in the darkness. Watching your every move. Watching you submit your assignment one minute before due and leave cups in your room…

That’s right. We know. Because we see…We see because we watch...

Also the ghost under your bed?

Yeah please stop scrolling through the phone throughout the night.

You are ruining its plans to grab you by the feet.

They extend their claws to grab you but there you are watching tiktoks into the night laughing your ass off, rolling on your bed constantly changing where your leg is.

Like seriously dude let me just grab you to be done with!

Now as we all know the protagonist of our storyline is probably hiding below my bed shivering with fear...

There’s one thing he forgot.

We all have our personalized ghosts!

And mine would love to catch a Great Dane!


Fast forward to the present…

Now we have advanced ghosts with telepathy powers!

Yeah, you remember Valek appearing at Warren's house just so she can hit a little girl with a chair using a creepy doll as an excuse?

This reminds me of the creepy doll you have in your attic.

Yeah, Ragged and wearing wrinkled clothes ?

She’s watching you mate.

And I’m not saying watching you in a ‘Toy story’ way. In the utmost creepiest ‘Chucky-est’ way possible. Please don’t leave knives insight.

Yeah, that's the kind of fellows we are talking about here...

Let’s move on to the most mysterious and the gloomiest contestant of the night!

Google images

Yeah. You. Looking at this screen with a hundred and one tasks due and still as curious as a puppy but also has dark circles from pulling all-nighters two days straight?

I feel you buddy but don’t you ever dare give up. Because you have to pick your battles and being the best ghost is not one of them.

Let’s go have a nap now, shall we?

Okay now turn the lights off and…


Okay now that we are safe and sound in bed. THAT’S THE CLAW!

The world is a cruel place bud.

Have a good time trying to fall asleep tonight.


Yours truly,

Shaggy Rogers.

(Joining Scoob under the bed)



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