For the blossoms that will flower tomorrow…

Grama Prabodhaya Apr 24, 2021

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts”

As fellow human beings, we all share the burden of assisting another human being in blossoming into our better selves. Senehe Yathra was an initiative that we worked on as part of the Grama Prabodhaya project to help pregnant mothers who are about to give birth to little flowers.

With the great intention of becoming a pillar of strength to the ladies who carry the future generation, Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa got together to meet the purpose of providing basic needs for all expectant mothers in the village of Dunupothagama. At the beginning, we were primarily interested in determining what their current needs are and what we can do to assist in meeting those requirements. Therefore, first and foremost, we contacted the Regional Health Medical Office of Nochchiyagama and discovered that thirty-two mothers were currently expecting in the village.

Our next move was to plan for the fundraising, which involved a survey of the goods and their costs to compile a rough estimate. Then it was decided to wrap gift packs, with each gift pack costing Rs.5000.00 and containing all of the basic necessities required to care for a newborn. We started seeking assistance and donations from individuals and organizations interested in these programs and social work, and we used social media to make many people aware of this. Making our social media campaign a success, we were able to raise adequate funds for our project.

With the prevailing situation, we concentrated on the feasibility of organizing such programs in compliance with rules and regulations. We contacted the Family Health Officer of Dunupothagama after obtaining the requisite permits and personally contacted all the mothers to inform them about the event. We were given permission to use the Dunupothagama School premises to implement our program, making it even more reachable to the mothers.

Finally, the most awaited day dawned, and 32 baby care packs were ready to be handed over so that they could help create a safe environment for these little buds who are yet to bloom. The team of Rotaractors led by President Rtr. Samila Imbulana was able to meet these mothers of Dunupothagama with gifts of love in their hands. The presence of the Reverend Thero of Dunupothagama, the Administrative Family Health Service Officer from the Nochchiyagama MOH office, the Family Health Service Officer from the Dunupothagama village, and the Madam Principal of Dunupothagama Vidyalaya at this heartwarming session was a true blessing to complete the project successfully.

The program came to a close after the gift packs and speeches were delivered, with the overwhelming support of everyone, including the villagers of the Dunupothagama village.

On the joyous day, March 7, 2021, Rotaract Mora collaborated with Velona as the Baby Care partner for Senehe Yathra, as well as many other heartfelt donors, to complete yet another humanitarian act of Grama Prabodhaya 2021.

Finally, we made sure not to forget to express our heartiest gratitude to all of our sponsors, partners, participants, and everyone who supported this noble cause even if it was only with a kind phrase. As Rotaract Mora, we were able to complete yet another rewarding initiative successfully, adding colors to illuminate the future and bringing smiles to lighten up the village community.


Imalsha Shehani Liyanage

Simply enjoying myself...

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