Sinister Gowns and Bloody Nails

Blogged Bliss Oct 29, 2021

Have you ever heard people say that women are like candles? How they can either burn warm and bright or else... Set ablaze entire galaxies in scorching flames?

Let's talk about ladies because...why not?

The gorgeous, delicate, and bewitching creation of the cosmos...The symbol of earthly divinity... oh wait... no. Not those ladies.

It's that time of the year for them to step aside. Halloween is for bloody white gowns, ear shattering screeches and blood caked nails. These ladies won't bow at your roses and will most certainly give you the scare of a lifetime on the darkest hours of the loneliest nights.

Let's wander in ghostly shadows with the weeping, blood thirsty souls and witness the sinister Incautious deeds of once delicate hearts.

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A glamorous flowing white gown wandering in the lonely hallways...ring any bells?

Yeah, it's the typical lady ghost in every other movie. "The white lady” but... what if I say that she's roaming the earth to this very day, in hope to take revenge of those who wronged her? There're literally hundreds of stories about ladies in white, scaring the breath out of men or just existing in the eternally haunting boredom. Of course, I am gonna tell the most disturbing, sinister versions out of all the stories about ladies with white wardrobes cuz then you might be lucky and see her floating past your bed tonight!

The most intriguing version was this Canadian ghost-lore where she was a married noble woman who fell in love with a slave. After hearing about this, her father and husband killed her lover, locked her in a room, starving her and feeding her only the stewed meat of her lover's corpse for food. It is believed that she is walking the earth in white night gown, driven by her hatred for men, strangling any man who dares to speak with her.

some legends say when white lady was alive, her husband's infidelity drove her insane and caused her to kill their children. After realizing what she had done, she takes her own life. In revenge against her husband, the Woman in White seeks out men traveling alone. She tries to seduce the men, and if they are unfaithful, she kills them.

If a lady on a run for revenge from men doesn't scare you, how about we go shopping for a bridal gown with the dead?

As many of you may know "Corpse bride" is a familiar term and a fun little movie... but have you heard the morbid tale of the real corpse bride?

In 19th century Russia, very often bands of anti-Semites would crash Jewish brides' parties on their way to the wedding. Since the bride would be the one to bear future generations, she would be ripped away from her family, murdered and buried in her wedding gown. So how the legend goes is that a young man on the day before his wedding, practices his vows just like in the movie and accidentally marries a corpse buried in her wedding dress. In the actual legend the real bride makes an oath to the corpse bride that she will live her life to the fullest, enough for both of them.

So, a happily ever after ending? Sort of but WAIT,

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Till you hear about the modern real life "corpse bride".

Elena was a 21-year-old girl who was in her death bed due to a severe illness. A man fell in love with her and married her despite the fact she would be soon dead. But after her death, he broke into her grave and took her lifeless body. He replaced her organs with stuffing, eyes with marbles and injected her skin with chemicals so it will last longer. He would sleep next to her, have dinner with her and dance with her in his arms. He kept this up for seven years and word got out. He was arrested but the story of his corpse bride stuck and scrambled with the original legends. So, the word was that the lonely corpse bride still roams the streets in search for a groom. Anyone fancy a wedding with a free one-way ticket to never-never lands!?

Ever seen someone smiles from ear to ear? It's pretty sweet right?
Kuchisake-onna takes the phrase quite literally and beware on those lonely nooks and crannies, she might wanna make you smile wide.

Kuchisake-onna was a beautiful Japanese lady, married to a samurai. But having caught her with another man, the samurai slashed his katana across her face, cutting a slit on her face, from one ear to another across her mouth. When she was bleeding to death, he asked her "Now who would think you are pretty?". With these words on her mind, the ghost of the slit mouthed lady would cover her Glasgow smile, would walk up to strangers, and ask them "Am I pretty?" and if they said "no" she would slit their face with a pair of scissors to match hers and kill them. If they said "yes" she would remove the cover, expose her smile, and ask the same question. "No" is certain death but even if they said "yes" both times, she would still kill them. So, the moral of the story is if a lady asks you if she's pretty, give up because there's no right answer, soon you will cease to be.

There are so many scary, horrendous ladies around here. Bloody Mary, Baba Yaga, Goody Cole, The Grey Lady, Dolley Madison, La Mala Hora, Elizabeth Bathory, Lady in red, La Sayona, Peg Entwistle, Jorogurno.... so much more but sadly too less time.

So, with All said and done, I think that's enough ladies for a spooky tea party. With Halloween just around the corner I hope you will invite some of these ladies because they have enough stories to pass around over some tea and biscuits for a decade.

To end this encounter with the spooky ladies of the block, everyone! Please chant with me.

Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!! BLOODY MARY!!!

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Happy Halloween everyone.

I hope the demon under the bed makes friends with you!!!


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