Strengthen The Broken Strings - Hand in Hand - Hope

Community Service Feb 27, 2017

“The only thing that bites worse than having cancer is having a kid with cancer”                                     – Hazel Grace, Fault in Our Stars

One may reach unknown extents in his life to protect what is precious to him. Children are the most precious wealth that parents own. To protect their children, they don’t even hesitate to sacrifice their lives. But what if even giving up their lives cannot save their children and they have to keep watching their children suffer. One cannot imagine the pain and misery that the parents of child victims of cancer go through.

“Hope”, the newly proposed subproject of “Hand in Hand” was successfully held at the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama on 15th of February 2017 in order to raise the hopes of the parents of the child victims, to pour at least a little bit of happiness to the lives of little flowers suffering from cancer and to remind them that they should not despair.

The event commenced with a counselling session conducted by Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya. While going through his own life experiences, he encouraged the parents to build up their mind state and family for the sake of their own children who were suffering from cancer. He asked them to be strong, not to lose hope and to continue their lives despite all the financial difficulties they face. It is true that this battle is hard, but the parents have to be strong that unless the children would also fall.

The latter part of the evening was reserved for the children .Us, the enthusiastic Rotaractors who joined the event worked hard to make it a memorable evening for the children. Initially, in order to break the ice some of the Rotaractors started a little chit-chat with the little ones. To the surprise of us, the kids became really comfortable with us within a few minutes. Then started the origami session where the children eagerly engaged in folding papers to find frogs, frocks and fishes at the end of the folding. The rest of the evening was spent by solving jigsaw puzzles and singing. Adding the last drops of happiness to the evening, the event came to an end with the distribution of presents to the kids who looked forward for them. The laughter of the little ones that filled the evening was enough for us to see that our effort was flourished.

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