Blogged Bliss Nov 19, 2021
The human race had developed to a stage at which nothing could stop them, not even for a second! - or so we thought. The dawn of the year 2020 - the year that proved us wrong - hit us hard with with a deadliest pandemic humans had ever heard of.

To a world that believed that they were in the pinnacle of health, wealth and technology, the reality was a hard blow. And this stressful time was indeed a rich breeding ground for conspiracy theories, which had the luxury of spreading as fast as the pandemic, thanks to the vicious mix of mentally - down world population, lockdowns that lead the idle time to skyrocket and social media facilitated by the fastest internet ever.

“The Chinese are trying to take over the world!” This was a mouth-watering topic to argue on at a casual dinner table with a few friends even before Covid. And with Covid, it upgraded to a whole new level. It’s a bioweapon. “People started murmuring in their friends’ and neighbours’ ears. The fact that the Covid 19 virus first emerged in China set the background for this conspiracy theory. According to many posts and videos that were being shared in social media, the virus had been developed intentionally in the Chinese labs, to kill as many people as possible in other nations, so that it is easier for the Chinese to take over their countries. The rumours had its own justification as to why this virus also did spread in China, for of course, if it was their plot, they wouldn’t have wanted to kill themselves. According to one theory, the virus that was developed in the labs had escaped its laboratory prison and had contaminated the “Chinese atmosphere”. Another theory said that the Chinese government didn’t want their plot to be obvious by being the only country that didn’t get affected, for obviously the people already knew Chinese were not up to good. So, they let some of their citizens sacrifice themselves for their country. The fact that the Chinese could control the virus quickly, though many people died, was brought up as clear evidence to prove this theory.

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“No, this virus originated naturally, to redeem the balance of the biosphere.” Someone is most often bound to contradict the above theory even when their colleague seems to be solid upon the theory, for the theory of Coronavirus as a population control was as popular as the theory of Coronavirus as a bioweapon. The schools had started teaching about the human J curve, which continued to grow, suppressing all the other S curves of population growth of fauna and flora due to the accessibility to better healthcare, food and water and elderly care. The students who had been most attentive during the class might well have been the designers of this theory, for this is based on solid scientific facts of how nature controls each of its parts. The theory says, as humans are just one link of the natural web of life, they cannot overwhelm everything else and if they try, nature will find a way to stop them. And this time, it’s this deadly virus that it put up to control us. This theory was widely accepted, and it went to an extent that people wrote songs to ask forgiveness of mother nature!

The next big thing about the virus was the vaccine. Of course, it was not “the vaccine” but rather “the vaccines” for a few companies and countries came up with different vaccines in a row. But the vaccine that we are talking about is the “Bill Gates vaccine”. The vaccine got a huge backlash because people started to believe that the vaccine has a microchip included, which can be activated remotely once it’s implanted successfully in a human body. According to this theory, Bill Gates can basically get the remote controller of the world in his hands through this. All the human behavior and even their thoughts would be tracked and stored in data storages, and any deviation from the standard behavior would be identified using AI. Some went into the extent to say that this chip could make the human body ill when Bill Gates wanted to, and he would eventually kill some or most of the nations. The fact that in most of the countries the vaccine was compulsory led to such conclusions. People thought that they were forced to use these vaccines as a part of Bill Gates' Agenda.

These are a few conspiracy theories that got much attention during the Covid season. What a person must understand is these theories could immensely vary and most probably will have different editions from different unknown authors. So, these are not to be taken seriously, yet if you are strong willed enough to dig into the core of these, welcome! - for this is going to be an exciting journey.


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