The Little Seed

Featured Oct 01, 2018

As written by Rtr. Dilini Ayesha

Once upon a time, there was a little seed on earth which everyone cared for and looked after. The Earth rotated, seconds become minutes, minutes became days. Likewise, days, weeks, months and years just passed. The little seed was no more little. Now it is a huge tree which offers umbrage, food and a canopy for thousands. Another seed came up with the upper breeze and landed on another land. Its initial situation was similar to the first seed, yet with only a little support from its habitat. Hence, its future wasn’t the same. It was an aggressive menace. It grew older, destroying the whole forest.

Seeds are the little units that create the natural world. Children are the little units that build our world.

No matter whether it is dark or bright, all life stories start the same. But the dark life stories can be made bright by two little gestures; love and care. When these two essential needs are deprived, their joyous childhood will be covered with dismay and the end result might be alarming.

Before the dark clouds take over these tiny souls, we must make their hearts beautiful. We must give the love they deserve, the education they need, the care and protection for them to feel safe at our hands. We must inculcate within them the values of humanity, discipline and ambitiousness. Because while we run with our daily grind, if we lose sight of the loving children, all the effort to build a better future for them will be in vain.

The Children’s Day is the day that fills the little faces with joy. Universal Children’s Day is on the 20th of November, but in many countries around the world, it is celebrated on various days. In Sri Lanka, that special day falls on the 1st of October. Do you remember your days in school? Amidst the other 365 days, the 1st of October was the best day ever. Gifts, games and all the fun events coloured that day filling our hearts with utmost joy. If we can give the exact same feeling to the hearts of the children throughout their childhood, that is when the true purpose of Children’s Day is fulfilled.

Let’s colour their lives with love and care, for children are the little seeds that build up the world.


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