To Treat Them With A Touch of Kindness - Healing Hands 2016

Community Service Feb 01, 2017

15622145_1201575249891534_9134040457379584587_nlWe at Rotaract Mora have always been privileged in more sense than one. With abled bodies and voices loud, it would be no falsehood to admit that we are better off than many in this world. Well, we are significantly more fortunate than just the fortunate. For Rotaract through many endeavors have showed us how strong we are, how truly magical our hands can be in healing a withering soul.  This realization has pushed us to do more, has hailed us to reach beyond the extra mile, and has bellowed at us to not stop at each slipup we encounter.

The project “Grama Prabodaya” is one such project that resonates our strength or more precisely our want and need to be strong on behalf of a rural village in the Monaragala District.

11th of November 2016 was a special day for the Rotaractors involved with this particular project. Two important sessions of the project were to be held within the day. Having travelled 250km from Colombo, the Rotaractors were hardly exhausted. Rather the untrodden landscapes and the fresh breeze zipping by them refreshed them. The wonderful hospitality of the villagers cannot be evaded at this point.

Over the last few months, the project saw various aspects being completed. This included “Intellect 2016”, a series of educational seminars focusing on the Ordinary Level students at Ranugalla Kanishta Vidyalaya, the only school in this particular village. Also “Bridge of Hearts” is already on its way in collecting books to be donated to the school library.

“Grama Prabodaya” is visionary. It is a massive project encompassing all and every viable aspect of Ranungalla village. And this particular day was a memorable milestone. The foundation stones for the library building was laid by President Rtr. Chamal Kuruppu, District representatives Rtr. Ridwan Shariffdeen and Rtr. Abdul Baasit Sathar. Taking the maximum out of the day, another aspect of the project, “Healing Hands” saw its successful completion.

“Healing Hands” was a medical camp organized by the Rotaractors focusing on the villagers. Ranugalla houses about 150 families and majority of them lack financially to receive regular health checkups. Initially two sessions were held to educate the villagers about non communicable diseases and nutrition after which they were directed to checkups and consultations. The medical camp comprised of a general checkup and consultation facility, a dental facility, a random and fasting blood sugar checkup facility, and a pharmacy. The Rotaractors busily engaged in supporting the medical staff and directing and helping the old and young who came for the medical camp. It is with great pleasure we reminisce the resonating smiles of the old and hearty laughs of the children. There is nothing more satisfying than being the reason behind someone else’s smile.

We were also humbled by the enthusiasm and unwavering support showed by Dr. N.P.K Edirisinghe, Dr. Nayana Pushparani, Dr. M.A. Ariyasinghe, Dr. Dharshana Eleperuma and Dental Surgeon Dr. Saman Kumari, the medical students and the other medical officers throughout the project. Also a shout out goes to all the Rotaractors led by the chairpersons for “Healing Hands”, Rtr. Viraj Edirisinghe and Rtr. Sanira Wickramaarachchi for a job exceptionally well done.

That afternoon around 3pm, the medical camp saw its end. The Rotaractors said their farewells with firm promises to return again. This was an ending to a much delightful beginning yet to come. “Grama Prabodaya” will not cease until the Rotaractors of Rotaract Mora have utilized every possible resource to aid in developing the infrastructural facilities at Ranugalla. At this juncture, our heartiest gratitude goes to Millennium IT for aiding us financially in this venture.

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