Towards making them intellectuals - Bridge of Hearts

Community Service Nov 01, 2016

“The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page…”

~Rachel Anders

Having the intention to let others turn pages of their lives, Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa initiated the sub-project “Bridge of Hearts” of a major community service project initiative – “Grama Prabodhaya.”

Students in the Ranugalla Kanishta Vidyalaya do not have the luxury of reading books as they desire. Thus, to let them have the opportunity, the project “Bridge of Hearts” was born. With having that in mind, we kept the first step in finding books to donate to the school by arranging a collection point for six whole days at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall during the International Book Fair – 2016. That was indeed a massive success. The enthusiasm of people who supported this event was highly admirable. Kind hearts of many people came there, led them to buy books just to donate for the school and some others donated money for us to buy new books.  During those six days, we were able to raise LKR 85,000 of monetary funds and 750+ books.

We did not stop there. Our target became higher and our desire to help the kids became greater. Up to now, we were able to collect 500+ books from the thoughtful students of the University.

A few collection points have been arranged in the University; library, food court and the Goda Yata canteen, and a book collection for each department has been organized as well. As an ongoing project which is about to donate all the books in December 2016, we are still open for book donations for anyone who loves to be a helping hand for the kids in need.

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”We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give…”

~Winston Churchill

Yes, indeed! “Giving” makes our lives even brighter and happier. The members of Xiphos eSports, which is an e-sports clan in Sri Lanka have decided to join hands with us and agreed to donate a set of sports equipment for the students in Ranugalla Kanishta Vidyalaya as they lack the facility of sports equipment as well.

With the support and the benevolence of all the members of the Grama Prabodhaya Committee and the chairpersons – Rtr. Sumadhurie Hansika and Rtr. Charith Premachandra, the project “Bridge of Hearts” has been able to raise an enormous amount of monetary fund and 1000+ books and now it is ongoing in a successful way, strengthening the hopes of young innocent minds to achieve their dreams.


Sajeewa Jayarathne

Dancing is her passion. She loves to help others, specially kids. Cat lover. She is very friendly and always greats others with her beautiful smile. Talks too much. Extremely a chatterbox.

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