Mortal guide to the conjuring universe : Beware of the devil

Blogged Bliss Oct 22, 2021

HA HA HA!!! …

Dear readers, whether you are moving forward or not, is up to you to decide. But there is no guarantee that you will make it out alive…. So, keep on reading at your own risk!!!!

Welcome to the realm of horror, scares, and the massacre... The fascinating yet so horrifying, CONJURING UNIVERSE

As you may all know there are so many ghosts, demons and spirits lingering around us… even as you read this, there might be a ghost hovering behind you… Ha ha ha just kidding!

Well, not really... As a guy who has experienced ghosts, I have to say that supernatural beings ARE REAL!!!!!!

Fineeeee…. Let’s get you back into the world of darkness… As I told you before the lingering spirits around you, they don’t necessarily interfere with humans. But the conjuring universe consists of the worst and the most sinister demons of all time… They kill for fun. They enjoy torturing the humans till they crush their soul. They kill humans when they get their chance. It’s all just fun for them. Let me tell you about all the demons and ghosts who have creeped their way into the conjuring universe.

Annabelle (doll)

What you see on the right is the real-life Annabelle doll and on the left is the movie prop. You may be thinking right now…

How can such a sweet looking doll do such evil!!!

Let me tell you... She was the worst of all of them.

In the beginning she belonged to a nursing student. At first, she and her roommate noticed the doll started moving from one place to another. They tried to accept and nurture the spirit-possessed doll, but the doll reportedly exhibited malicious and frightening behavior.

The allegedly evil doll has been blamed for demonic possession, a slew of violent attacks, and at least two near-death experiences.

Due to all her doings… now, she sits in a glass case bearing a hand-carved inscription of the Lord’s Prayer while a pleasant smile rests on her happy face sitting under a mop of red hair. But beneath the case is a sign that reads: “Warning, positively do not open.”

Well to get rid of Annabelle… you have no choice but to contact the church. Best of Luck!!!

The Crooked Man (The Conjuring 2)

Google images

The Crooked Man is a massive, gangly demon-monster who looks like as if a posh looking businessman and piranha had a demon baby together!!

A change-up from the ghosts and demons of the series thus far, The Crooked Man is an unsightly creature who left such an impression in such a short amount of time.

Google images


The lesser key of Solomon, the summoner of serpents, the leader of 30 legions of demons.

According to some legends it says that Valak was the first vampire ever to walk on earth.

Back in 1970, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (the same people worked on Annabelle’s case) visited a house  to determine if a demonic presence was truly responsible for a man to kill his entire family. And guess what…. while they were there, Lorraine had a vision (to people who doesn’t know about Lorraine and Ed, Ed was a demonologist and Lorraine was a clairvoyant, and she had a gift, which develops telepathy and connection with the phantom voices) of a demonic nun figure.

But it didn’t stop there. Valak moved into another house. Concealing its presence using a ghost of an old man as it’s cover. But when our demonologist finally finds out it went on a rampage which nearly killed Ed and the entire family.

And I’m telling this to you my dear readers. If you encounter a nun figured spirit lingering around….

Like all unholy creatures, Valak is weak to holy weapons & is susceptible to an exorcism if done correctly... Please contact the nearest church or the temple (idk whether temple will be able to help you since the demons associate with Christianity) Or get a bible into your possession and read these words as your and your family’s life depends on it…


It’ll probably work. if not, don’t blame me. It’s your Karma.

Well Well Well!!!! you survived huh!

Guess that’s a win-win situation for you… at least you got to know how to face a demon! Just make sure if you encounter them don’t tell them I told you about them. That’s my request for you... Otherwise I’ll become their target. Till we meet again,




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