Walking to Yourself

Featured Sep 03, 2019

As written by Rtr. Hasindri Watawana

We as humans live for our dreams. We breathe our hopes. Every human starts dreaming as a child, and as this child grows old his dreams mature with him. He starts to set up goals, create clear paths towards his goals and start taking that path in his life. But what happens if the child loses on his way up? What happens if he couldn’t realize his goals? What happens if he couldn’t trace the path to his goal? This is where personal development comes in handy.

Personal development comprises all kinds of activities that can improve a person’s talents, potential, consciousness and confidence. It is all about taking time, making the commitment to invest in yourself. It builds human capital and contributes to the realization of dreams and aspirations.It also creates awareness of what strategies the person can use to set up his goals. Top of everything, it enhances the quality of life and polishes up the person in the best way, to be outstanding and to be able to create wealth.

At the end it gives a visionary, self disciplined individual to the society. This person is able to get along with other people, handle relationships well which benefits immensely to the society by reducing conflicts. This person lives healthier and happier being an example to others. When people are happy and healthy that community grows higher up, challenging the barriers. He spreads the message of self awareness which says about having a clear perception about your own personality, strengths, weaknesses and emotions. He shows the world self worth and self love. All these constitutes in personal development which created this person who influences the society positively in many ways, contributes to the development of the society and of the community. Personal development develops the person and then the society.


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