We call them, "MOTHER"

Blogged Bliss Jan 07, 2022

What you can always see, is a nicely decorated output! But you haven't even imagined the tough path the creator has been walking through until they finish creating that nicely decorated output! It is not easy to achieve something. We always have to sacrifice something and try our absolute best! The people who have been successful in their lives, did not have their lives like beds of roses. They had to face lots of obstacles. You might already know few life stories of such people. But still, there are so many more stories, hidden. In this article, I won't be revealing any such story of a famous celebrities or a well-known personality.

The story that I'm gonna reveal is the hidden story of each and every mother, who are struggling to make a living and feed their children.

Mothers are always like those heroes in disguise. They will treat us with that pure, beautiful smile that always makes our day, and will do anything to make us happy despite their hardships! They will never show us their pain or struggle. Because they do not want us to have any bitter experience even for a second. They always try to give us the best with what whatever that they've got. She will tell us beautiful stories, show us beautiful dramas and take us to a fairyland while she cries alone, in the dark. How they endure all these pains all the time and become this much strong, is still beyond my understanding. I think that is why we call them , "MOTHER"!

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When we are not feeling well and when we are suffering from fever, we will stay at home without going to school or to university and we will sleep as much as we want, right!? But have you ever seen your mother sleeping as much as she wants even when she's having a terrible fever or even when she's in unbearable pain? No...… She will wake up early in the morning just like every other day and will prepare breakfast for everyone. She will do everything you ask for, without any hesitation. No matter how much pain she is suffering from, she never misses her responsibilities. Mother's love has a power more than anything. Mother's love can heal anything. No matter how much we try, we will never be able to pay off the debts for her. Because her scarifications is priceless. Her love is limitless.

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

—William Makepeace Thackeray

Mother is the person who will sacrifice  anything for you. You might get neglected by anyone in the society , but never by your mother. It doesn't matter how much you are getting older, even if you have become a parent yourself and no longer depends on your mother, she will still treat you the same. Her love for you will always, be the same.

I know this story might be a common and an everyday story for you. But this is a story that should be revealed to the whole world and respected by everyone. Because without a mother, we are nothing! For me, for my life, the life story of my mother is the unseen power which gives me all the strength and courage to stand in front of difficulties and challenges. Because she is my one, and only hero!

Written by: Rtr. Ushari Nethmini



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