World after Corona

Featured Jun 27, 2020

This article, written by Thisara Sanjana under the theme “A Post Pandemic World” was awarded fourth place at Rethink 2020, the English article writing competition organized by Rotaract Mora in May 2020.

After months of lock-down many countries have decided to reopen the countries as they expect that corona is no longer a pandemic. Since WHO said Covid-19 has come down to controllable level leaders of many countries have come to this decision of reopening. It feels like a fresh start to almost every citizen because most of them were fed up with this lock-down and quarantine time

With the reopening of countries, schools and universities have been opened for students again. But students have been asked to keep social distance at every possible time. Since they were not able to see their friends and colleagues for months, students are so excited to go back to their institutes. But they have to follow some rules and regulations which have been imposed by the government because the virus can still be in the society. During this quarantine period many educational institutes and lecturers had tried to connect with their students through internet and provide online lectures because then students can spend their time with educational stuff. Since this has been productive to some extent the governments are paying their attention on online educational methods. As a result of this, the governments of developing countries are considering about providing free internet access to every citizen in their country. So if they continue to carry out projects like these we can expect an educational system which is based on internet and digital resources.

Because of this pandemic, the society has changed a lot. People get used to keep social distance even when they travel by bus or by train. Most of people are wearing a face mask when they use public transport. It is essential to keep at least one meter distance when we are in a queue. This often occurs at a bus station or at a train station or near a super market. Although the curfew has been lifted there are policemen in the public places to observe the people’s behavior. Since people have to spend more time on buying goods from super markets because of this social distance rules many super markets have started their own delivery services so people don’t have to come to super markets to buy goods and stuffs. Today this has recognized as an efficient method because it saves customers’ time and it generates jobs to young people also. In quarantine period a lot of people were focused on inventing new equipment and this was appreciated by government also. So as an encouragement government has decided to fund and help them on their inventions. Further government is considering on exporting our products to other countries also.

So we have to accept the truth that the world has changed and we should also have to adjust our lives according to the new system. Most people are trying to fit in this new system and some are still refusing to change. But the fact is that if we want to survive we have to make adjustments. If not it will be really difficult to exist in this new world. In the future also we might face another challenge like Corona as a world. But the point is that if we are together we can defeat any obstacle which tries to distract our lives.


Yoshani Ranaweera

A book lover and an avid writer. Adores travelling and spending time with nature. Always ready to lend a helping hand.

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