World after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Featured Jun 26, 2020

This article, written by Pavadaran Pathmaranjan under the theme “A Post Pandemic World” was awarded fifth place at Rethink 2020, the English article writing competition organized by Rotaract Mora in May 2020.

As most of the cities around the globe are locked down due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, it has made an unusual lag in this fast paced world. It is certainly going to affect many important sectors such as education, economy, sports, agriculture, technology and people’s lifestyles in different ways even after the end of this issue.

First of all, already education has been affected very much, as online learning is not a common facility in many countries. Though there are online resources which can be utilized individually, most of the youth are unaware of this and wasting their valuable time in social websites and games. Recent statistics of Google has shown that the smartphone and internet usage has been increased by 35% during this period. Even when this pandemic is over, it will take some time for them to return back to their study pattern. It will cause a great delay in producing professionals to serve the country as well as discrimination based on education.

Some main sports events such as Olympics and IPL are postponed. Even if they are conducted later, it is not very sure how many countries would let their sportsmen to travel around the world due to the fear of health safety. And now players are also unable to practice their relevant sports, which may cost some awards and medals even if they are talented. This will cause loss of pride for some counties as well as a large sum of money.

The above two issues are enough to damage the economy of a country. Further, millions of people are affected and thousands are killed because of this disease, especially in large production based economy countries. That means there will be lack of efficient labourers and their high demand will cause the government and private companies to pay them much. It will automatically increase the prices of products and the people, including those from other countries, would be unable to afford them. This unbalanced situation will cause great economical challenges to struggle.

Also, as many countries are now debating to cultivate some crops and produce some items in their own, which were imported before the pandemic, these fields will be developed and new job opportunities will also be created. And when the time wheel spins it may show some considerable benefits in their economics too.

We don’t know how many years would have taken to make online shopping, e-learning and work from home this much common. But anyways, in a short time, people were forced and got used to these technologies. This has made technology development even faster than before. We can assure that even after the pandemic, people would be more interested to use technology for most of their daily needs because it saves time and energy tremendously.

From the beginning of 2020 the planet has been facing a lot of threats which were certainly pandemics for a group of creatures. And though this COVID-19 disease was diagnosed by the end of 2019, less of seriousness and unawareness have made it an epic issue and caged us in our homes. People have different perspectives regarding this. Some are literally making their best out of this rest time with their family, and another big bunch of people are suffering from financial aid and essential needs. And both parties also personally would have their own plans post this pandemic like us.

However, so called ‘unbeatable humans’ have been reminded of the powers which are ruling them. So at least hereafter it is our duty to evolve in a way that we don’t mess up with them. And as humans we should have the hope also to reconstruct the world after a destruction like this.


Yoshani Ranaweera

A book lover and an avid writer. Adores travelling and spending time with nature. Always ready to lend a helping hand.

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