Your job: passion or pride?

Featured Nov 28, 2016

As told by 

Yumna Albar,

People decide to get employed for many reasons: maybe it is to earn a living or to abate boredom. Whatever it is, our job is what we spend around half of ourselves on. By spending ourselves, I mean spending our health, our time and our life. So obviously it must be worth it. For most of you, your workplace is where you spend second most of your time. Moreover, to a certain extent, your job defines who you are.

It is important that whatever you do, you make sure you’re truly enjoying it and not doing it for fame.

“Do what you love or love what you do” is just a cliché to most of us. But how important is it really? According to Dr. Kerry Schofield from the University of Oxford, being happy with your job directly leads to improved health, happier relationships and increased productivity. Being passionate about your job is to like what you do. Generally doing something fulfilling, something we are good at or something through passion-vs-paycheckwhich we can grow, tends to make us like our job. While it’s alright for your job to be physically exhausting, it being emotionally exhausting is a warning sign.

When jobs offer status and power, it is easy to fall prey for instantly loving the job. Then we tend to kill ourselves on the job when we are not even happy with it. But how high can we climb in this way? It may be alright to choose a job solely for its money, when there is a need for money because money can be a need at times. But fame is never a need. So is it great to do something that you’re not happy doing, just for its reward of fame and status?



Devni de Silva

Travelling while enjoying the beauty of the nature is her passion. She is a music lover as well as an animal lover. She loves helping people in need and would always enjoy being with her family and f

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