"Let Them Shine" - 21st Installation Ceremony

Club Service Sep 05, 2016

Every journey begins with a single step. That one step which a group of legendary sixteen young undergraduates took has led to a long journey of 21 years. Thus celebrating the proud journey, the 21st installation ceremony of the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa for the Rotaract year 2016/17 was successfully held on the 30th of July 2016 at the DHPL Auditorium.

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Celebrating 21 years of excellence, President Rtr. Chamal Kuruppu and his Board of Directors will sail this giant ship to continue Rotaract Mora’s legacy as glimmers of light to pursue the dream “Let them shine.

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We, at Rotaract Mora are very fortunate and humbly happy to post what our fellow Rotaractors penned down about their thoughts and experiences at our Installation ceremony.


12371088_947137202030055_6297355021181176765_o (2)The installation could be regarded as the inaugural project of the year. Therefore, it creates the first impression about the club and the Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Planning the installation was not an easy task. There were many things that could go wrong in the final moment. But for me, this was a fairly easy task, having a very resourceful co-chairperson to work alongside. The board of directors and the previous board of directors supported us in every way possible.

Rtr. Isuru Dharmadasa
Project Co-chairperson

RochelleThe installation ceremony was the perfect occasion to celebrate a year of achievements and congratulate those who would be leading the legacy for the next year. Fond memories of projects we’ve completed made us feel humbly proud; being recognized for those projects added sparkle to the day. It was entertaining to see the familiar faces being bashed in good hearted camaraderie while revitalizing the golden threads of fellowship.

Rtr. Rochelle Silva
RC of University of Moratuwa.


jayaniThe first thing that caught my eye as l entered the hall was the theme colour; purple which is my personal favourite. The set up and lighting looked perfectly prepared. I was quite impressed to see how well the technical side was handled until the very end of the agenda which is a rare experience. I found the videos very interesting probably cause of the lovely collection of pictures. All in all everything was well organized and it was surely a wonderful evening.

Rtr. Jayani Gurusinghe
Secretary 2016/17,
RC of Applied Science, University of Colombo.


sasminiSince the day I joined Rotaract, I’ve been to all the installations of Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa that have happened throughout my Rotaract life! It’s famous for its 3 hours long ceremony and you guys lived up to it this time as well! Hehe..But what is good about it is you take lot of effort and time to appreciate the people who have supported and helped you all throughout! And that’s something I admire about your club! You recognize each and every one who has played from minor role to a major role at your installation! This year one was no difference and it was a very nice purplish installation that I’d remember years to come 🙂

Rtr. Sasmini Bandara
President 2016/17,
RC of Colombo West.


pasaniHi everyone!
It’s with great pleasure that I take this moment to write this on behalf of my club, RCUOK.
I must say that I had a wonderful time being in your installation. All your hard work really shined throughout the event.
Since I’m new to Rotaract, I haven’t witnessed many of your projects. But after seeing all the videos presented that day, I was quite surprised to see all your people putting their best together and working like one family. Cheers to all your hard work and spirit! Keep it up guys!
Looking forward to work with you all and once again congratulations to the new President and his BOD. Take Rotaract Mora to further heights!! Good luck!

Rtr. Pasani Wickrama
Co-Director of Community Service 2016/17,
RC of University of Kelaniya.


While we thank our fellow Rotaractors who took their valuable time to write these memorable words, we congratulate President Rtr. Chamal Kuruppu and his Board of Directors and wish all the very best for their future endeavours. May you have all the strength to serve the community better and take Rotaract Mora to greater heights.

Viva la Rotaract Mora!!!



Devni de Silva

Travelling while enjoying the beauty of the nature is her passion. She is a music lover as well as an animal lover. She loves helping people in need and would always enjoy being with her family and f

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