Sea Beasts & Seashells

Imprints of Impacts Oct 13, 2022

Giant sea creatures protecting castles, humans turning into octopuses. No, this is not the new Godzilla movie and no, that’s not how you tell a story.

So let me take you to the beginning of memory lane on 7th August 2022. It was a Sunday and the sun was shining bright on Mount Lavinia Beach. I was supposed to moderate the event, which made me determined to get there on time. As soon as my feet touched the sand slipping through my slippers, I felt the excitement bottling up inside me. A new day with new people was about to begin.

On a side note, the project was an initiative of Rotaract club of University of Moratuwa with RACFOSUOC and RACKDU. Alrighty, back to the story, so we were divided into teams and I was given an orange band. Phew! Then came the most difficult task: coming up with a creative name for the team. Anyway, while I was playing childishly with the microphone, my beloved teammates came up with a cool name. ”Orange Crush” which was the final and there was Damsari, Ranil, Pink Panthers etc.

All teams were super excited when they were given the chance to show the energy bubbling inside them. I was positive that somewhere I would see a “Haka” but maybe that was too much to expect or maybe because none of them were originally from New Zealand it was a bust. Nevertheless, all the teams did great.

The first game was to put the balls into the sand holes dug on the beach. Wait, that was a direct reference from Deadpool. Anyhow, that day wasn’t about winning. Everyone was cheering and yelling all team names. When it was Team Damsari’s chance, even those on the beach, who had no clue that Damsari was a team name cheered and loved that unseen Damsari girl. The final teams to compete were team Ranil and the Blueberries. It felt like a typical “Chanda Satana” because of the green-blue fight. It was so much fun to see all the action pouring out in the sand. Then the war began. Comrades were screaming their fellow team members’ names and people were trying to throw their ball into the well dug holes. And no, it’s not really a war, so no ricocheting. Alrighty, so back to the sand we go. The next game was tug of war and yes the competitiveness was sky high. Everyone was cheering for their fellow teams and the two teams which were engaged in the war were either trying to hold onto the tug while being dragged through the pit or WINNING!!! It was so energetic and fun, but the struggle was real.

After that the sun decided to end her shift and sign off from the beach slowly. So we decided it’s time to head to the beach to let our creativity do the work. Any guesses? Yups… It was to build sand castles. We were divided into groups according to the avenues so I ended up with the beautiful souls of Com, IT and Membership. With the newest technology on the market, we built an empire where the King could slide down to the Queen's palace in case of an emergency. The history of the built sand castles was rewritten that day along with the history of kings. What a day it was. Then it was high time to turn the knobs on the speaker to the MAX and show off our dancing skills. I suck at dancing, but who will say no when all the good songs are being played, right? Oh, and by the way RACFOSUOC had a dance routine which was super cool. Some of us even tried to blend in and follow their choreography. Not to worry, in the next joint project they are surely going to have competition because our club is now determined to create a dance routine.

With that it was the time for me to say goodbye to my fun loving Rotaractors. And so the day ended. It was a sunny morning, a sporty afternoon and a lovely evening. Hats off to the organising committee for organising such a marvellous event. Keep in mind, pictures are  worth a thousand words, but the memories are worth a thousand pictures, especially if you were there when they were created. And it’s not a moo point (for the Friends fans, they’ll get it).


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